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Dagger - The assassin's weapon of choice. While less powerful than larger weapons, the dagger's small blade is perfect for concealment and swift, precise strikes at vital organs.

Sword - The most versatile weapon. Different cultures have different ideas about what swords should look like, which explains the variety ranging from sickle swords to two handed cleavers.

Axe - A sharp hafted weapon that combines the power of a hammer with the cutting edge of a sword. Works like a charm against armored opponents.

Hammer - One of the first weapons known to man; simple, yet effective. The blunt force behind a hammer blow is known to knock even the sturdiest opponent off his feet.

Spear - Not everyone likes combat up close and personal. The spear is a great weapon to attack from a safe distance, but can be awkward without room to move.

Bow - What ranged combat is all about: shooting at people from as far away as possible.

Crossbow - While it can't match the bow's accuracy, range, or reload speed, the crossbow packs quite a punch and a close range shot can hit hard enough to knock your opponent down.

Throwing - Many weapons can be thrown at enemies, but some are more suited to throwing than the others. What such weapons lack in power, they gain in speed and finesse.

Dodge - The ability to avoid being hit by not being there when the blow arrives. Don't try it in heavy armor! Successfully dodging gives a chance to perform a counter attack.

Block - What better way to avoid a blow than by putting a solid chunk of wood or metal between you and your opponent? Blocking successfully provides an opportunity to counter attack.

Critical Strike - Combat finesse. The art of dispatching an opponent with a well placed strike, using anatomical and/or armor weaknesses.

Sneaking - The art of walking unseen and unnoticed. Most rules and laws don't apply to you, when those who enforce them don't see you.

Disguise - Impersonation, assuming and maintaining identities, and just being someone else. The art of visual deception.

Stealing - Like trading, except the other guy never gets his share. Be warned though! The laws of the Thieves' Guild can be more binding and less forgiving than the laws of a town.

Traps - The theoretical knowledge and practical applications of traps, including setting up & disarming.

Lockpick - Artfully opening locks in a fast and efficient manner, for the times when you find yourself without the right key.

Persuasion - The smooth art of convincing people to act in your interests through reasoning and/or personal magnetism.

Etiquette - Understanding of proper behavior protocols and how to apply them to your benefits. In other words, what to do when you can't be direct.

Streetwise - Your defense against someone else's skills of persuasion. It's the alarm that goes off when someone tries to take advantage of you.

Lore - The knowledge and understanding of the events long gone, ancient languages, forgotten rituals, and mysterious objects. Always a winner in a post-apocalyptic world.

Crafting - A skilled craftsman has the knowledge to create and improve their own equipment. While many good items can be found or bought, nothing can match the quality of a balanced blade made from rare ores.

Trading - The theory and understanding of all commerce matters. More than an art of buying cheap, trading is the way of money. Only a skilled trader can join the Merchant Guild that, as some say, is more ruthless then the Assassins' Order.

Alchemy - The fine art of mixing things together and getting mixed results, ranging from healing potions to greek fire. A must-have skill for mad scientists!

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