Question: Should we adjust the RNG to represent THC probability more accurately?
Yes - 16 (43.2%)
No - 21 (56.8%)
Total Voters: 37

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Path of Exile already did RNG for evading right: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Evasion

Evasion is not purely based on chance in the sense that each hit is independent. Instead, it uses a system of "entropy" to ensure that enemies won't get long strings of hits or misses by chance. To summarize, these are the calculation steps in each attack:

    1. If it is first time an entity is attacked or if the time between the last attack and this one is larger than 6 seconds, randomise the entropy from 0–99.
    2. Calculate chance to hit of the attacker using the above formula, and add this integer to the entropy counter.
    3. If this is 100 or greater, the check counts as a hit. Subtract 100 from the entropy counter. Otherwise it is a miss and the entropy counter doesn't change.
    4. A critical hit is evaded on a separate random roll and will not affect this entropy value.

This system is designed to evenly spread out hits and misses such that players always evade an average number of times according to their ‘chance’ to evade. It is still based on chance because of the entropy counter's randomization in the first step. Note that if multiple mobs are attacking one character, all of the mobs' attacks share the same entropy counter. Also note that the chance to evade calculation on the character page is based on the average accuracy of a monster at the player's level.
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