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Author Topic: CSG update #27 - State of the Game (the first animations)  (Read 2683 times)

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This thread is in very real danger of becoming a comedy thread.

My thoughts: The whole game environment is an abstraction, where an isometric view will inherently bring a level of isolation from pure immersion. As long as animations are distinguishable from one another, and offer some visual flair to add a bit of excitement, they are doing the job of entertaining us gamers, imo. Of course, I personally can appreciate differing levels of visual detail within a virtual environment abstraction, from nethack/doomrl, to fallout 1/2, and into more realistic abstraction vr-immersion like crysis and call of duty.

This leads me to another (unrelated) line of thought, which is sound design. This would be something that I would like to hear about from the developers. To me, good sound design has always pushed the immersion that little bit further; adding a bit of subtle illusion to the imagery, by helping to distinguish one pistol shot from another, a revolver reload from a magazine reload, a hit from a miss, or an armored hit from a fleshy hit. (My vision isn't that good, so sound design has always been huge for me.) Music is also a big, big part of the overall play experience, but I wasn't expecting to hear on that until much later in the dev cycle.

As always, thanks for the great work on this. And, if I should shut up, please have no hesitation in telling me so; I will not take offense.

By that same logic authors shouldnt bother researching the subjects they are writing about because the book is a non-immersive medium. Attention to detail is what makes a masterpiece.
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