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Author Topic: Beta Released!  (Read 28707 times)

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« Reply #45 on: March 11, 2015, 11:00:35 am »

On the subject of sprucing up the early game, tell me what you think...


Awesome, that's MUCH better Grin

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« Reply #46 on: March 12, 2015, 07:58:09 pm »

On the subject of sprucing up the early game, tell me what you think...


Awesome, that's MUCH better Grin

This sounds awesome. Now there is both some history AND some tension right away. Of course, this is just my own opinion, but I like it. Also, Miriam looks pretty nice, even if it's a WIP.

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« Reply #47 on: April 02, 2015, 05:14:18 am »

Awesome card game, really ))
And runs smooth
This released on touchpads and such can make some nice going
Love the campaign writing too

- SecOps Officer is bugged - not destroying any random tactic when I play him  Wallbang

Small issues (maybe known)
- Not working with wide resolutions, at least not with my 1366x768. everybody and his granny has a wide monitor these days, definitely needs this
- Cards I add to the deck are not sorted anyhow, just how they were added. Need some sort of dividers maybe "1 cost" "2 cost" etc, and added cards should go into their respectful sort area
- Need some Artemis cards in default deck, some late scenario Tactics are brutal, and if I weren't really lucky with the draw I am basically destroyed by Tactics even if I own the battlefield, feels very random and cheesy, since I have 0 ways to get rid of enemy tactics

Just suggestions
- "Launch Mission" button really needs to stand out somehow, kind of obscured in all the green stuff. Sometimes it is hard to tell, what is a box header and what is a button.

All in all, it is an awesome game, and with a bit more bug fixing and a bit more sleek UI I really prefer this to clownish Hearthstone! Great game

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« Reply #48 on: April 02, 2015, 07:37:02 am »

Thanks Ansa! And welcome to the forum!

I'll have a look at those issues. SecOps Officer definitely should be doing his ability!

I'll relook at how early I give players Artemis, and what tactics the other decks have in them. I hold off on giving it to players too early to create a sense of progression, you come across new challenges (like hackers) and then unlock the means to tackle them, which opens up greater challenges, etc.

But I may have been too stingy. Wink

Thanks again!

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« Reply #49 on: April 02, 2015, 08:24:14 am »

Thanks man Approve

And you are welcome, the game is a gem, very simple and nice, its a pleasure to play.
Wish you had animators polishing it for more eye candies, hehe.

Ok, here goes some rambling after finishing the demo campaign:

1) Tutorial

Great tutorial too, but considering how popular Hearthstone is, everybody should know the drill already, so the public is ready lol.
You may want to include a screenshot of an example card in the tutorial, with arrows explaining
- where the damage/health/costs/special abilities are exactly
- where are buffs/debuffs
Also the card inactivity and +1 armor upon playing it should be highlighted somehow.
Generally, something similar to Hearthstone tutorial where it explains the card stats

2) Chits, Lands and manafucks

Ok, this is coming from a guy who played every MTG game released on Steam (from 2013 to 2015) and A LOT of Hearthstone on legendary ladder in Europe.

The one thing I dislike in the core of MTG and SC here is having to include/play lands in your deck  Wallbang

This is what makes slow openings and manafucks real and frustrating in MTG, and this is exactly what they fixed in Hearthstone with +1 mana every turn up to 10, so you
- cannot be manafucked, leading to proper progression into lategame with *fair* chances for both players
- always draw or topdeck something interesting instead of frustrating "just another land, omfg"
- have always something to do unless you are REALLY unlucky on the draw and pulled out your whole lategame into your starting hand
- with a 10 mana limit cannot overpower your opponent by playing a bunch of bombs in one turn (questionable)

Generally, this makes sure as the game progresses, everyone has *fair* chances and is more about how their decks are built instead of their pure luck of drawing some chits early game and drawing more bombs late game.

I understand it's in the core of the game right now, but really worth looking at.
It will make combat and deckbuilding much more simplier, just make 30-40 card decks.
Also, the whole Hearthstone crowd will be exactly at home with this mechanic.

And that being said - with lands removal you can honestly completely get rid of clunky MTG "Stages", and have a player do his turn completely fluid (same as Hearthstone, man just trust the Blizzard guys on this, they know how to make fluid and competitive games).
So you can just play your agents/tactics/whatever and end the turn with 1 button click, done - no need to click confirmations several times. It would simplify the game really, getting rid of most stuff which makes MTG mechanics so clunky and hard to understand for newcomers.

Another point is - attacks in SC are done automatically, so there is no MTG-required different stages per se, where you require player to click what he wants to attack/block, or intercept/counterspell - you don't have and don't need these "stage" mechanics, so it may be done so much more simpler.

So, the fluid game flow in general goes like this:
- start a turn for the player, say "Your turn!"
- resolve / tick / finish any active effects/buffs/tactics/whatever which were supposed to be done at the *start* of turn
- draw a card (burn it if excessive)
- give control to player, player clicks the stuff he wants to play and clicks "End turn"
- perform attacks / resolve / tick / finish any active effects/buffs/tactics which were supposed to be done at the *end* of turn
- move to the opponent for the same

I've seen you discussing this in design topics, but realistically, if you are aiming to please the generic crowd and overall make better player experience - the clunky MTG stuff has to go away...
Removing lands completely and adding a chit every turn removes alot of player frustration due to manafucking and makes games so much more active, albeit a little bit predictable.
But let's face it, anyway you WANT to play a land every turn and reap the full mana pool with your plays, if you are not doing it - something is wrong with your luck and draw, not even with your skill or the deck, which it is supposed to be about, right?

At the very least, if you are dead-set on leaving the MTG system in, to speed things up could use auto-ending of stages, when you have used everything at your disposal - can skip some stages if you have nothing to do in them, to keep it going faster

I understand this is somewhat of a hot topic, but just think about it. Peace.

3) Excess confirmations and discarding

Playing a buff on something or debuff on comething asks for one more click on "Play" button, which feels really excessive.
I understand it is there to prevent misplays, but it feels more clunky than helpful, just getting rid of this extra confirmation will add some momentum to the game flow.

Also, the discarding should be a bit better explained, like in MTG 2014, when you have to discard it gives a clear message "Discard X card(s)". Few times clicked discards thinking I am playing a card lol, cause its highlighted in the same way.
Also, again for more fluid gameplay, you can think about additional burning mechanic, which is also quite fun - instead of forcing a player to discard, you can just burn incoming excessive card(s) on start of turn.

4) No timed turns

This is more of a multi-player thing, definitely going to be needed when you plug MP in (if you plan to)

5) Arena

No idea how much wins needed to progress arena. Won 3 games in a row on Easy against the same guy, the Medium still not unlocking.
Need some progress counter towards unlocking, or just a mouseover tooltip saying how much more wins I need to unlock the difficulty, anything.
Also, ideally, would be nice to change the opponent (just a portrait and some flavor text) for every fight, or can cheat around that for less coding lol - just plain randomize them (make sure they don't repeat though lol), so player gets a feeling he is always fighting different deckers

6) Your hero

Your hero is not really shown much anywhere and does not have any special abilities/backstory.
Maybe a portrait with nickname somewhere in the bottom corner of city map, with some stuff on hover - just so you get more connected with the char you picked and playing now.
Can align this portrait with phone answers block, so it feels even more like you're talking.

As for special abilities - hard to say, need to play around that, but would be nice to pick a portrait and special ability with it to go into special Tactic slot

Maybe something like:
1 healing to random friendly Agent every turn
1 repair to random friendly Mech every turn
1 damage to random enemy Agent/Mech every turn
1 armor to friendly Agents (or Mechs).. could be overpowered lol
drain 1 OP from enemy every turn and add to yours
and so on and on, numerous small random things which can be cool to pick and play around

Nothing gamebreaking, but you are going to pick something you like and have a feeling that your hero is unique.
There is a lot of room to play around it.

7) No early game Mechs

Granted, I have not seen full decks in demo, but it feels like some Mech-focused decks could be cool.
And Enforcer plays based on them, with +1 for every Mech/security dude.
And some Corrosive Acid or EMP grenades on top of it - same as Neurotoxin, but for Mechs (?)
This is more of a deck lists stuff, but definitely something to think about.

8) Deckbulding, Shop and in-game goodies

Would be nicer to split deckbuilding and shopping really.
Like, "Black Market" for shopping cards and in-game purchases, "Deck Builder" is specifically for managing your deck out of your total pool of cards.
Because currently buying a card is a small button you got to find at the bottom of the shop UI there - while being a VERY important part of the game. Thats your money man  Panic
In general, should be much more highlighted where to spend your goldz and real moneys.

And of course, the in-game shop has to offer goldz/cards, for those impatient players overloaded with real moneys - and it will milk A LOT, trust me. This is just another neat way to monetize the game man, so you can focus on sweet stuff, like cards, animations and DLC campaigns.
Can sell as some gold packages or some card packages, this is basic marketing man, just look how Riot, Games Workshop and Blizzard are doing it.

9) Clicking "Buy now" at the end of demo

Does not sell anything, redirects to a website (which has an empty first scroll by the way, maybe only in Chrome?)
So, I couldn't buy the thing even.
Should link this to website store page or Steam store or something, it will sell man

Take care and waiting for this to show up on Steam anytime soon  Salute
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