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DoubleBear Forums Code of Conduct

Welcome to the DoubleBear/Iron Tower forums for Dead State! If you’d be so kind, we’ve got a few basic standards we’d like to go over with you before you get started (or if you already have started, some stuff to review)!

Rules to (Live) Forum By:

1. Post and be awesome! Seriously, do that, we like it.

2. Be nice. Well, like, at least just don’t be a jerk. In the words of the great Buckaroo Banzai, “Don’t be mean. You don’t have to be mean.”

3. Stay on topic. Hey, man. I get tangents. I talk in tangents all the time. But when they happen in topics, things get awkward, people get cross, and Rule #2 tends to get violated. A side funny thought’s okay – just don’t basically grab the proverbial wheel of the car and yank that sucker onto another road, you know?

Stick with those 3, and you should be just fine. Also these are helpful things to consider:

  • Questions? Search! Very likely that burning question you’ve got has been answered before. Look at our amazing Dev Answer Compilation thread in the main forums and likely it’ll be in there!
  • Don’t spam! We saw your question the first time. Spamming will get a warning if you keep that up because nobody wants to see that. It’s kinda rude, yo.
  • Urgent questions? Mods can help! For-reals urgent questions – about things like payment issues, harassment, identity theft, etc. – ping the mods about it, and they’ll help. (Protip: asking about the release date is not an urgent question)
  • As ye were helped so ye should help others. See a newb, help a newb. For once you were a newb yourself. Also it’s good karma and even if you don’t believe in karma just think of it as another reason that life owes you a beer or a cookie or something that you enjoy.  Smile
  • We don’t serve Hateorade here. Meaning, as above, try to keep it nice. This is not the place for table-flipping, house-burning, rip-snortin’ kind of “I’ll never come baaaaack” kind of ranting, and if you do that – especially if you have only come here to do that – your butt’ll get banned. Fair warning!
  • We want you to be happy! Seriously, that is kind of our goal. If you’re frustrated, we’ll do our best to help you as soon as we can, as best as we can. We’re not a big team, and our mods are volunteers who have graciously devoted their time to helping us out (meaning they’re better people than we are). We have no full-time forum people, we don’t have PR, we’re just a wee dev studio trying to make a good game that you all enjoy. (And from a practical standpoint, if anyone wanted to put together a “take the money and run” scheme, making a videogame is the worst possible way to do that. Literally just about anything would be a better idea.)

Other than that? Some key bullet points! If you are still reading you are a champ! Let’s keep going, shall we?

Other Stuff That Is Important

Here are some other things to consider when posting…

Language: We’re international, baby! But a lot of the dev team (and our mods) are based in the United States, and primarily speak English. We are super excited about international attention (it makes us feel so famous!) but just to let you know, English is our forum tongue – not because we are English-only jerks but because we want to best help you, because we love you (or at least like-like you), and I know for a fact my limited knowledge of German is not going to be enough to help someone in Hamburg install the game. This doesn’t mean we won’t do everything in our power to help (up to and including extensive use and abuse of Google Translate) – it just means we are probably best at helping any questions in English. (Don’t worry if your grammar sucks, ours sucks too. I mean, I speak in sentence fragments. Like, all the time.)

Obscenity: (or in the words of Eddie Murphy imitating Bill Cosby, “Filth flarn FILTH!”) We’re a company of foul-mouthed people (at least I’m pretty foulmouthed) and we’re making a game about death and the collapse of civilization and yes, there are a lot of bad words in it. Basically if you’re posting here and you’re offended by the word “ass,” this is probably a bad place to be! But there’s a reasonable limit in there. Please don’t post pictures of naughty bits, graphic descriptions of sexy or violent or really squicky stuff, or your thesis on the many euphemisms for male genitals and their origins (I’m sure it’s fascinating, but here is not the place for it). Violations of this will probably get a response from mods like “C’mon, buddy” and the fact that you totally knew that thing was over the line and you posted it anyway and it’s bad and you should feel bad. The end.

Intolerance: All genders (including made up ones), ethnicities (including imaginary ones), creeds (including Lovecraftian ones), sexual preferences,  nationalities, neighborhoods, heights, weights, ages, and pretty much all distinctions are welcome here! And if you do anything that involves you being a jerk to anyone for those reasons, the wrath that will fall upon you will make the heavens quake with terror. We don’t like intolerance. We are only intolerant towards intolerance. We don’t care if that is weird you know what we mean.

Legal: This is a scary one and confusing so basically please don’t break the law on our boards. If you do it’s totes not our fault! (/runs and hides under the bed)

Content: Basically if you post your own stuff here we acknowledge we don’t own it and also we’ve got no obligation to put it in anything we make, and you can’t sue us if coincidentally something you might have kind of posted slightly about years ago slips in the game somehow via what is basically the game development version of concurrent evolution (btw look that up, it’s fascinating). Also we’re a tiny video game studio and we have no money, so it would be kind of stupid to sue us anyway. (If you’re looking to sue someone, I recommend rich people, but don’t tell them I told you that)

Also when you post stuff, don’t post things like advertisements and such deliberately leading people away from the forums. Not “Hey guys, look at this amazing cat picture” but like “CHECK OUT MY ETSY STORE” and “Look at my own game with BETTER forums you should all post HERE now.” That’s pretty mean. That’s like going to someone’s birthday party and then inviting everyone there to your party which is happening right now at the same time. Imagine someone slapping a kitten, and that is what you will be doing to us if you do that.

Hacking: NO. BAD. Don’t do this! Do you seriously need me to tell you not to do this? Fine, I said it! Everyone can see I said not to hack anything of ours! Now please don’t. Thank you. <3

Threats: Don’t threaten people. I don’t mean the verbal equivalent of a tickle fight, I mean straight up do not threaten people, that’s awful. Cyberbullying is terrible and won’t be allowed here. If you threaten anyone with realio-trulio physical harm, we will realio-trulio do something about that. (And let me give you a hint – you won’t like it)

Harassment: Defined as “any repeated action by one player or a group of players intended to routinely disrupt the experience of the game or services for others,” it’s less about the how and more about the why. If you’re aiming to make a certain forumgoer or goers miserable, that is not okay and we’ll let you know in no uncertain terms – and if you’re suffering from harassment, let us know right away and we’ll straight-up stop that nonsense.

Impersonation: We know who we are, people. We’re proud of that. So don’t pretend to be us? That’s weird. You’d be making it weird. So don’t do it.

If Things Are NOT Fine, What Happens?

If you’re in violation of one of these policies, this’ll happen:

Minor Infraction: You’ll get a warning by the mods, and the offending post will likely get deleted.

Medium Infraction: You’ll get a temporary ban with a tasteful mod warning chaser, and the offending post will get deleted and possibly thread-locked.

Major Infraction: You’ll immediately get a temp ban, be notified that the incident is being reviewed, and potentially be perma-banned depending on the end decision of the mods.

Super Infraction: Welcome to Ban-Land, population you.

Nuclear Infraction: You will be loaded into a cannon and shot into the sun. Also you will be permanently banned.

Okay, That’s It

I can’t believe you read this far! You’re a sweetheart. Seriously, I mean that. Now go and enjoy our forums, you scamp!

- Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda
Writer/designer @ DoubleBear

P.S: Credit where it’s due – in writing these, I took the Klei Entertainment forum guidelines as my guideline for these guidelines, which was immensely helpful and I really hope they don’t mind. If you prefer to look at a way better written version of these guidelines and then sort of carry those teachings over to these forums, I would applaud your effort, and direct you to them here:
(thank you Klei, I love you guys <3 )

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