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The text below was written by Brian as an explanation of DoubleBear's piracy policy. Please read all the way through if you have pirated or are considering pirating our game.  

Our policy about discussing piracy on the forums is that we will lock or delete your post if you endorse piracy or admit to pirating our game or another indie developer's game.  We object to stealing from small developers; allowing people to publicize piracy on our forums would imply our consent or endorsement of such activities, so we're inflexible on this point.  Continued mentions of piracy by a poster will result in more serious measures.  Thank you for understanding and respecting DoubleBear's forum policies, and thanks to all who have purchased and encourage the purchase of Dead State!

- Christina

One more update - We have, so far, only entered into sales agreements with Valve/Steam, GOG, and BMT (who handle sales on our website). If you purchase Dead State or a Steam code from anywhere else, there's a high probability that our team is receiving no money from that transaction. Please avoid grey market sales when purchasing Dead State - please only buy it from retailers that DoubleBear has a working relationship with.

- Brian

DoubleBear's Piracy Policy
Here’s my short and simple opinion on piracy. If you’re playing Dead State because you like branching RPGs, story-based games, real world settings, or turn-based strategy games, then it’s in your best interest to buy the game. That’s the short of it, but if you want to know why, read on.

RPGs take a lot of time and effort to make (especially with all the dialogue, balance, and reactivity), and the sad fact is that if we don’t make enough money to work on complex RPGs with longer production schedules, we will be unable to make RPGs anymore. We’d really like to continue being able to make these types of games for you, but the team sizes and experience required for RPGs requires a larger initial investment, which means that if we sell enough copies, we’re in a much better position to bankroll future RPGs.

Here’s the truth – we are not a faceless corporation or a wealthy company, and the only reason we have gotten this far is because of Kickstarter and pre-orders by gamers like you. Nobody made much during the production – sometimes the only thing that has kept us going is the support of fans and our passion for making games. Dead State is our first production and will play a large part in determining the future success of DoubleBear Productions. The sales of Dead State go right back into the team through bonuses and funding them through the next project, and believe me, there are so many expenses for a small business that even just making enough to pay the developers isn’t quite enough. For each sale we make, a portion goes to pay for distribution channels, taxes, business fees, web hosting, convention fees, office costs – it’s expensive to run this studio!

If you’re playing the full game and haven’t paid for it, you’re hurting the dozen or so developers that spent hundreds of hours of their lives trying to create an RPG for fans of the genre – presumably you, too. We understand that sometimes it’s hard to afford games, but please don’t try to justify piracy by arguing that we charged too much for an indie game – if you don’t want to pay $30, wait until a price drop. Every copy we could have sold but didn’t is another vote against doing more RPGs or continuing on as a company.

If you’re playing the full game and you paid for it, thank you! We couldn’t have done it without you, and in fact we couldn’t survive as a studio without the help of fans like you. You not only help DoubleBear survive, but indie studios in general, thank you!

We realize that there are a lot of reasons people pirate games and this doesn’t cover all of them. But if you want to play Dead State or have played a pirated copy enough that you should have bought it, please support the developers and purchase the game when you can. We appreciate your interest in Dead State and we hope that we can continue to make games that will continue to find an audience. Thanks for understanding and thank you for supporting an independent company with your gaming dollars!
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