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« Reply #210 on: March 16, 2018, 05:13:57 pm »

Oups, we've spotted some typos in the French translation of the difficulty panel, so sorry  Embarrassed
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« Reply #211 on: Yesterday at 04:27:46 pm »

Avec Sunfire, nous avons mis en place une archive pour une phase beta test de la trad.

Cette archive ne contient qu'un nombre très limité de dialogues en français (seulement 12 fichiers), mais tout le reste est intégralement en français.

Le but de cette beta est de traquer et d'identifier tout genre de bugs, typos, et autre anomalies.

Si certains sont intéressés, soit pour nous prêter main forte, soit pour le fun (car la beta est entièrement jouable),  faites le moi-savoir (soit par MP, soit par demande directe), et je vous débloquerai l'accès à l'archive hébergée sur notre espace Google Drive.

Process d'installation :

0) Make a copy of the files ./scripts.aod and ./art/gui.aod
1) Download and unpack the archive.
2) Copy its ./levels/ and ./core/ sub-folders to the game dir.
3) Copy the content of its ./art/gui/ sub-folder to the file ./art/gui.aod .
4) Copy the content of its ./scripts/ sub-folder to the file scripts.aod in the game dir (it's an archive, actually, and could be navigated through by some unpackers or file managers (i.e. Total Commander) like usual folders).
5) Change the line $pref::ITS::Language = "english"; to $pref::ITS::Language = "french"; in the file /Documents/My Games/Age Of Decadence/prefs.cs before 1st run of FR build after unzipping it to the game dir.

J'ai commencé à répertorier quelques bugs, sur le site francophone

Avis aux volontaires. Bonne beta à tous.

Pour les retours, soit ici, soit sur Loutrage. Ça me faciliterait la tâche de pas trop éparpiller un peu partout les éventuels retours de bugs rencontrés.

Some issues:
- On the maps, some names are not fully dispayed. (see attached file)
- During combats, NPCs names are not translated, they should be.
- On the charater screen, skills descs might not be in some case totally displayed, will have to apply the same fix we did for DR : file char_screen.cs, or just shorten "Arme de jet" desc as it holds on 3 lines, which is too much. All other weapon desc hold on two lines, and it seems good. (see attached file)
- On Inventory screen, "attaque" explanation is too long. Must be shortened, maybe by removing extra blanks spaces on its formulas. Of course, same goes for Defense and Critical Formulas for consistency. See attached file
- On loot/Trade panels, must lower the font size or delete the blank lines for "CTRL + Click for increasing selected items by one. ALT + Click for reducing selected item by one. SHIFT + Click for selecting all items." Files are lootscreen.gui & tradescreen.gui
- The Techniques section of the Journal uses a smaller font than in the rest of all other section, whic makes the reading very hard. As there's a scroll-up/down option, why not use the font by default? (see attached file, don't pay attention to the interactive buttons, they will be fixed)

Good news, the files Phrases.cs allows the GenderVar

* AoD bFR-carte Teron.jpg (391.81 KB, 1064x816 - viewed 1 times.)

* Aod bFR- Arme de Jet desc .jpg (364.53 KB, 1173x917 - viewed 1 times.)

* AoD bFR-attaque desc .jpg (220.32 KB, 707x913 - viewed 1 times.)

* AoD bFR-journal_techniques font .jpg (360.87 KB, 1024x794 - viewed 1 times.)
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