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What is Street Sorcery?
A digital collectable card game (CCG) with a modern, urban fantasy theme. Sorcerers and surpernatural entities vie for power behind the mask of everyday life.

What is the inspiration for the theme?
World of Darkness, Constantine, Hellboy, Dresden Files, that sort of thing.

When will Street Sorcery be released?
Dev estimate is aimed at 6 months in the best case to 12 months in the absolute worst case. So sometime between May 2012 - Nov 2012.

A CCG? Does that mean I have to buy random booster packs to play/compete?
No. The game ships with all the base cards available to players, you earn access to these cards by playing the campaign or competing in multiplayer. As expansions are released, you can buy those expansions to immediately gain access to all the cards in the expansion. No buying random cards and hoping to get the ones you want.

What engine is Street Sorcery being built on?
Unity 3D

What platforms will SS be released on?
Initially it will be released on PC & Mac. Depending on how well the game does, it may be ported to iPad.


Can you play multiplayer?
Not in the initial release. Should the game prove popular and there is a demand for it, it'll be added at a future date. Sorry, limited resources and all that.

Will there be a story campaign?
Yes. I am going to build each set of cards around a storyline, which you play through to unlock cards related to that plot. I'd like to ship a couple of stories taking place in the setting with the first release, but we'll see how much time I have. They might have to wait for expansions.

Nope. There will more than likely be a simple, one time entry of a key.

Where can we get more detailed updates? And what's this Open Development thing?
You can follow the dev blog here for now. Open Development is explained here, but basically it means I'm going to try be as open about the process of building the game as possible. You'll have access to builds of the basic technology and as much exposure to the game as is possible. Once the game is in a playable state, an early alpha will become available for pre-order. At that point there should be plenty of media and information available for you to make any purchasing/pre-purchasing decisions, as you see fit. All my cards will be on the table, if you'll excuse the pun. Wink

You will find a repository of all the builds that have been released to date here.

Who's working on this? And do you need help?
Initially, just myself, though I will be hiring contractors for the art (2D illustrations and GUIs). If you're an artist looking for work, send me a PM on these forums with a link to your portfolio for me to check out. If you're a composer, please not that I will only begin looking for sound later on in the process. You can leave me your details but I won't be looking at actually contracting any sound for a good few months.

Are you going to try get on Steam?
You betcha.

System Requirements?
Dunno those yet, but it's a pure 2D game based on illustrated card artwork, should run on most hardware. Smile

What happened to Scars of War?
Scars is in hibernation until I find the resources (time, money) to finish it. It lies slumbering here, waiting for the Horn of Avalon to be blown, when slumbering heroes shall rise to defend Camelot once more.
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