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« on: December 12, 2007, 09:46:20 pm »

Table of Contents

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I'd like to take a moment here and address the issue of expectations. There is nothing revolutionary or evolutionary about AoD. I hope it will be a good game, nothing else.

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Where can I get the game's demo version?

"You can download the demo's beta version 0.8.6 from one of the locations listed here."

The demo consists of one major location (Teron) and two sub-locations; it contains over 20 quests and 6 mini-quests, per playthrough of the demo the player will be able to accomplish 5-6 quests depending on playing style and in-game choices, so the demo can be replayed in different ways, just like the full game. The content included in the demo is not limited in any way, only Alchemy is not implemented in the beta, and various aspects of it are a subject for improvements. Teron contains roughly 20-25% of the full game's content." (Ref) (Ref)

"A demo solely focused on combat was released in December 2009; the latest updated version was released in late 2010, you can download it from here."

When is the release date?

"Summer 2014." (Ref)

Can I pre-order the game before it is released? Can I support Iron Tower Studio with a donation?

"Yes. You can pre-order the game and donate via BMT.
You can make a pre-order at any point before the game is released."

Will the demo's save games be transferable to the full game when it's released?

"Considering the game is a year away from release and that there will be many changes, my answer is no." (Ref)

Any plans for a Linux or Macintosh release? An iPad release?

"Yes, we are hoping to do Linux and Mac versions in the future, assuming that we won't run into serious problems with Torque. No iPad release as Torque 3D is not available on iPad.
09.02.16 update: Torque 3D still offers no support for MacOS and only a limited support for Linux, this might change in the future.
" (Ref)

What system requirements do I need to have to play the Age Of Decadence?

"T3D system requirements are as follows:
TOS: Windows XP SP3/Vista/Windows 7
Processor: 1.7 GHz Processor or better
Memory: WinXP - 1GB RAM/WinVista, Win7 – 2GB RAM
Graphics: Graphics: DirectX 9.0c Shader 3.0 supported, Nvidia 6800 or 7300 or better, ATI Radeon X1300 or better
DirectX®: 9.0c

We'll be able to be more precise about this before release." (Ref)

Will this game come with installation limits or DRM?

"No. I don't believe that making life difficult for paying customers is a solution to piracy." (Ref)

How much will Age of Decadence cost?

"$25 direct download, $50 for a box... plus shipping." (Ref)

What methods of payment will you accept? Paypal? Electron Visa? Cheques? Cash on Delivery?

"Everything BMT accepts."

Will Age Of Decadence be available on Steam?

"Likely, but not immediately after release." (Ref)

What comes with the boxed version?

"Boxed version will include a full color, professionally produced box (as good or better than what you see in stores), full color glossy manual, full color glossy map. And the aforementioned CD case, of course." (Ref)

Will you ship the boxed version to any country that has a postal service?

"Yes, we will. It's a personal guarantee." (Ref)

If I buy the boxed version, would I be able to download the game so I don't have to wait playing?

"Yes." (Ref)

Where can I get regular updates on Iron Tower Studio news, interviews etc.?

You can follow us on Iron Tower Studio twitter and read our forums for updates on Age Of Decadence and DoubleBear's Dead State zombie survival RPG.
Additionally, you can check the latest game videos on Iron Tower YouTube channel:

What Age Of Decadence fan communities are there besides this forum?

Iron Tower Studio Facebook community

Age Of Decadence Facebook community

Age Of Decadence at RPG Codex forum

Russian speaking Age Of Decadence fanclub VKontakte

Another Age Of Decadence Facebook community

Will there be patches or extensions of the game?

"Patches? Obviously. If the setting is well received, we can do an expansion or two."
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I'd like to take a moment here and address the issue of expectations. There is nothing revolutionary or evolutionary about AoD. I hope it will be a good game, nothing else.

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What is the main story drive in Age of Decadence?

"The main quest revolves around locating a pre-war temple and dealing with a remnant of another age, exploring events of the past, and dealing with factions affected by your quest." (Ref)

What happens at the beginning of the game?

"The game starts trivially in a small town. Purely by chance, you acquire an ancient map bearing a long forgotten seal. What to do next is up to you." (Ref)

What classes can my character play?

"There are no classes, since the system is skill-based..." (Ref)

So if there are no classes, what determines my profession at the beginning of the game?

There are eight different backgrounds to choose from when you create your character. You can be a stranger with no background if you want, or you can choose from seven factions. You can find a detailed description of these factions here.

What do these backgrounds do? Aren't they basically classes?

"The background defines your character's relationship with different factions. A thief starts as a member of the Thieves Guild and gets reputation bonuses with its allies and reputation penalties with its enemies. A knight starts the game serving one of the Noble Houses, with all the advantages and disadvantages, and so on. The background is not a class, so it doesn't restrict or guide your character's development in any way." (Ref)

Will the beginning of the game be different depending on which background I choose?

"The beginning of AoD takes the form of a vignette. Unlike in TOEE, this is not determined by your alignment, but instead by your background. The vignettes all center around the same situation (a merchant has just arrived in town carrying an interesting map), but your role in that situation is determined by your background. A character with the mercenary background will begin the game as the merchant's guard. A character with the assassin background will begin the game in the assassins guild, being ordered to assassinate the merchant..." (Ref)

Does my character level up?

"There are no levels in the game. You gain skill points by completing quests and defeating your enemies, so you don't need to wait until you level up to enjoy the benefits of all that hard work. Once a quest or a battle is over, you get a certain amount of skill points to distribute and improve your skills." (Ref)

Can I choose my gender and customize my appearance?

" can pick your gender, skin color, hair style, scars, facial paint, beards (men only, no dwarves), and circlets for the girls." (Ref)

Will my gender affect gameplay, or is it irrelevant?

"You can play a seductive female assassin armed with a poison kiss; there are a few gender specific quests; sometimes a woman would have a harder/sometimes easier time. Male characters get a bonus to intimidating, female characters get a bonus to persuasion..." (Ref)

Will you be able to romance an NPC? How will relationships with NPCs and fractions evolve?

"Romance as in finding a man or woman as romantic interest? Definitely not. There will be connections with NPCs that will appear throughout the game, and you will shape different kind of relationships with them. And well, the factions are the main core of the game, so they will show up over and over again, and you will shape very different and strong relationships with them. We even track your standing with each faction in the character screen." (Ref)

Will all NPCs in the game be human?

"No other races (like elves, dwarves, goblins etc.) exist in game's setting, however there will be a couple of encounters with supernatural entities." (Ref)

What primary statistics are you using for Age of Decadence? What does each primary statistic do?

"Strength modifies damage (-2 to 4)... Dexterity determines your AP (Dex+2, which gives you 6-12 range)... Constitution determines your HP (25-50; HPs are static, so don't count on increasing them later) and poison resistance... Perception modifies to hit chance (-10 to 20)... Intelligence determines your starting skill points and skill point bonuses (0-4 for every 10 points gained)... Charisma affects NPCs' reaction (-20 to 40)..." (Ref)

What is the minimum and maximum number allowed for each primary statistic?

"Min is 4, Max is 10." (Ref)

How many points do I get to distribute between primary statistics during character creation?

"...8 - 20 points to distribute, depending on Intelligence stat (Int x 2)." (Ref)

Will I be rewarded for having a primary statistic at 10?

"Yes. In my opinion, 10 is a "heroic", way above average stat, and thus should be rewarded, especially since it represents a sacrifice in some other areas of character development." (Ref)

Can I raise any of my primary statistics during the game?

"Only Strength - in specific circumstances, by 3 points maximum." (Ref)

What determines my skill values during character creation?

"Starting skill values are determined by the (primary) stats." (Ref)

How much does it cost to improve a skill?

"The cost to improve a skill by a point is 1 for 0 - 50 range, 2 for 50 - 75, 3 for 75 - 100." (Ref)

Is there a limit to how high a skill can go?

"The limit is 100." (Ref)

Will skill checks be based on same passing values on every play trough?

"No. Passing values will vary by small yet noticeable random numbers from playthrough to playthrough." (Ref)

How many different outcomes a single skill check may have?

"Success, fail or partial success. Also, there will be combined checks of two skills together, e.g. Sneaking + Lockpick." (Ref)

How many skill points could I get in a single playthrough?

"Something like 350 base points right now. For example, in Teron you can get around 85 "base" points, plus you have to add the intelligence bonus and the starting SP (int x 2). So a 8 intelligence character would get 117 points in total in Teron." (Ref)

Is there a concise summary of how Age Of Decadence character creation and skill development system works? What are peculiarities of different combat skills?

"Yes. Please refer to unofficial AoD Skill Calculator."
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I'd like to take a moment here and address the issue of expectations. There is nothing revolutionary or evolutionary about AoD. I hope it will be a good game, nothing else.

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Are there any gameplay videos or trailers available?

As of May 2012, seven videos have been released by Iron Tower Studio.

- Released on 7th May 2012.

- Released on 15th June 2011.
- Released on 3rd May 2011.
- Released on 18th January 2011.
- Released on 6th January 2011.
Download Video | - Released on 24th December 2007.
Download Video | - Released on 30th July 2007.
Download Video | - Released on 11th December 2007.

How much text will the game feature?

"There is a lot of text, more than in Planescape: Torment (which is over 800000 words of script)." (Ref)

Will game GUI objects be customizable?

"Some textboxes will change size, the item list will expand depending on resolution/ratio and some minor things like that." (Ref)

Will dialog font size be adjustable to be easy to read on high resolutions?

"Yes. Font will be resized automatically to fit resolution." (Ref)

Will it be possible to make combat faster?

"We do have an animation speed slider in options." (Ref)

How does the game camera work?

"Moving mouse pointer to the edges of the screen will move the camera along floor/terrain (X/Y plane). Arrow keys work as well. If you press Ctrl during this, you'll rotate camera around a point it's currently looking at. Mouse scroll zooms in and out." (Ref)

Will there be any cut scenes?

"Yes. In-game stuff, obviously." (Ref)

If I go on a murderous rampage, can I prevent myself from completing the game by killing plot critical characters?

"There are no plot-critical NPCs. There is more than one way to acquire plot-critical info." (Ref)

How long will this game take me to finish? What about replayability?

"...I'd say the length is about 30 to 40 hours, and as for replayability, due to the non-linear and multiple-solutions nature of the game, you can replay quite a few times without repeating what you did before." (Ref)

How many different endings are planned? Will I be forced to fight at the end?

"We have seven different endings and only two involve mortal combat." (Ref)

Can I pass the game without getting into a single fight?

"Yes. That will require high non-combat skills, obviously." (Ref)

When I finish the game, will I be able to continue playing with the same character?

"No, you can't play after the game is over." (Ref)

At the end of the game, will there be a summary of my actions?

"Yes, there will be a very detailed (locations, factions, NPCs) summary of your actions." (Ref)

How will different weapons and different attack types work?

"Please see the AoD combat demo survival guide and unofficial AoD Skill Calculator for detailed information." (Ref)

Can my character dual wield?

"As in attacking with both weapons simultaneously? No." (Ref)

When making any item using alchemy or crafting, can I fail in making the item and lose my ingredients?

"No." (Ref)

Will my equipment deteriorate with use? Will I need to repair my items?

"...items don’t deteriorate with use and are always in mint condition." (Ref)

Can I have any companions or followers join me in my adventures? Can I control them?

"There won't be any followers like in Fallout or Arcanum if that's what you are asking. However, there are situations where you are given help (town guards, faction members sticking up for you, hired bodyguards etc). You don't control such NPCs, their actions are scripted." (Ref)

When enemies die, can I loot their bodies? Will they have inventories of their own?

"What you see is what you get. All enemies have inventories (to determine what they can use in combat), and once they are defeated or killed, you can take whatever they've had. I too hate that bullshit when you kill someone who has bitching armor, the shiniest fucking sword, etc, all the game gives you is 20 bucks and a fucking potion." (Ref)
"Looting may bring in-game consequences, e.g. some fractions frown upon filthy looters." (Ref)

How long will enemy corpses remain on the ground for after combat? Can I leave and come back later to take more items?

"When you leave the battle location, all corpses/items are gone (buried/scavenged)." (Ref)

How does looting work?

"We don't do pixel-hunting, so you click a button and see all available items. Makes it easier to collect loot after battles." (Ref)

How do skill checks in dialogue work? Are they rolled, or checked against a set number?

"Set numbers with minor randomized variation, no rolling." (Ref)

How does travelling work?

"You don't travel manually. You click on one of the known locations and are magically transported there, assuming that your journey wasn't interrupted by a not-so-random encounter." (Ref)

Not-so-random encounter? So there are random hostile encounters on your travels between locations?

"Random hostile encounters? No. There is, however, a pool of "special" encounters that may or may not happen to you." (Ref)

Are there time restrictions on quests? What happens with unaccomplished quests when I leave a location?

"We don't have time limits, so your active *local* quests are open as long as you in the location. When you leave it (and you'll be warned that travel will take many days, so if you need to take care about some urgent shit, you better do it first), all your local quests will be auto completed and default outcomes will be chosen. Also, when you move between locations you regain your maximum HP." (Ref)

Can my character use healing potions that instantly restore lost hit points?

"...we have no magical healing potions. We have healing salve, but it doesn't heal you instantly (only healing a small amount of HP) and it can't be applied in combat; additionally there will be doctors to heal PC for a fee in some locations." (Ref)

Will Age of Decadence feature day and night cycles?

"We don't have day/night cycle, but we do have night maps for certain quests." (Ref)

Will there be any puzzles or riddles in the game?

"Sorry to disappoint you, but there are no puzzles or riddles." (Ref)

Towards the end of the game, will I become unstoppable in combat?

"No. A good fighter can handle 2-3 people, but it won't be easy. 5 is very, very challenging. 7 is a suicide mission." (Ref)

Will I be able to quick travel around settlements?

"Originally you had to click on the road and get a text (like with words and stuff) menu of destination points. Even though it sounds awesome, it was't very intuitive, so I've decided to throw some pictures together and add another tab to the world map screen." (Ref)

Can I save my game at anytime?

"Not during combat or when progressing trough text adventures." (Ref)

Will the game autosave for me?

"At any time when you are not in combat or TA mode."
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I'd like to take a moment here and address the issue of expectations. There is nothing revolutionary or evolutionary about AoD. I hope it will be a good game, nothing else.

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To what extent do you expect this game to be moddable by players? Will it be difficult to create our own quests, items, characters and the like?

"No idea. Moddabilty was never one of the goals." (Ref)

What engine are you using?

The Age of Decadence is being built with the Torque Game Engine. To learn more about this engine, you can visit the official website or this Wikipedia article.

Which monitor resolutions will you support? And what about widescreen?

"Everything your videocard and monitor allows, but not higher than 1600x1200. For 4:3 resolutions the interface will be scaled, for widescreen and custom/awkward ones it will be centered horizontally." (Ref)

What does the music sound like in Age of Decadence?

Here are three samples which were posted in January 2007: world, combat and town. (Ref)

Will each town share the same music? How many combat tracks will there be?

"...there are no average (i.e. generic) towns in AoD, so the town music is for a very specific place. There are seven combat tracks, so you won't have to listen to the same track every time." (Ref)

Are there any plans for a Music Soundtrack CD Release? If not, will it be difficult to rip tracks from the game?

"No plans/no idea." (Ref)

Will there be any vulgar language in Age of Decadence?

"...some vulgar language where it makes sense." (Ref)

Will children be present in this game?

"No. They play no role and are, therefore, irrelevant." (Ref)

Will there be any voice acting?

"Not planned at the moment. We considered it (a studio offered us these services), but it didn't work out." (Ref)

Will there be any cheat codes or debug commands?

"Not planned." (Ref)

Will there be any easter eggs in this game?

"No easter eggs." (Ref)

What currency is used in Age of Decadence?

"The local currency is imaginatively called "coins". It's possible that there are coins of different denominations, but the game conviniently ignores this concept..." (Ref)

Can I purchase any of the original concept art?

"Hmm, haven't thought about it, but I guess we can. Let's talk about it when the game is finished..." (Ref)

Any plans for a sequel?

"Depends on the interest. While I would prefer working on a different game, if people really like the setting, why not?" (Ref)
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I'd like to take a moment here and address the issue of expectations. There is nothing revolutionary or evolutionary about AoD. I hope it will be a good game, nothing else.

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Further Reading

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I'd like to take a moment here and address the issue of expectations. There is nothing revolutionary or evolutionary about AoD. I hope it will be a good game, nothing else.

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I'd like to take a moment here and address the issue of expectations. There is nothing revolutionary or evolutionary about AoD. I hope it will be a good game, nothing else.
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