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1  RPG / Dead State Beta Forum / Re: [Spoiler]Fiona Feedback Discussion on: January 13, 2015, 01:59:02 pm
This still seems to be broken. I don't know about the events if I had handled her correctly at the beginning, but the murder of Doug itself is buggy.

In my game Fiona killed Doug, then after I put her in jail there is an event when she comes to my room to warn me that I'm in danger.

When that's over, she's still standing outside my room and her dialog has changed as though she is in the prison.

2  RPG / The Shelter - Official Dead State Forum / Re: $332,590 raised towards Dead State! on: July 05, 2012, 04:34:33 pm
Looking forward to the game.
3  RPG / The Shelter - Official Dead State Forum / Re: Official Kickstarter Thread on: June 06, 2012, 09:12:56 am
Supported. Best of luck to you, Brian and Annie.
4  RPG / The Shelter - Official Dead State Forum / Re: 5/14 Design Update - Inventory/Looting GUI on: May 16, 2012, 11:04:01 am
Do the "Page 1" tabs between next and previous do anything? They look the same as what I assume are buttons, which would make me expect they are also buttons.

And can we turn pages by scrolling the mouse wheel in the page area? That would also feel right to me.

I like the look. I'm looking forward to this.
5  RPG / The Shelter - Official Dead State Forum / Re: 4/2 Monday Design Update - Shelter Upgrades First Look on: April 03, 2012, 04:05:21 pm
This is really piddly, but I'll say it anyway:  the US flags bug me.  To me it's too solid a reminder of the real world, and that the game takes place in a real state/country.
But it does take place in the real world. In Texas.

I actually noticed the flag too, but my thought was that it still looks pristine and new. It'd be a nice touch if over the course of play it became dingier. Not a bit of impact on the gameplay, of course.

I'm very excited, and will almost certainly contribute to the Kickstart. It'll be nice to have a new game to play!
6  RPG / Public Beta Discussions / Re: There's No Point Putting Points in Anything But Combat for Combat Classes on: March 23, 2012, 10:19:29 pm
First, I'm not being defensive.
Roll Eyes The evidence is not on your side for that one.

Surely, you don't expect me to change my opinion and embrace the viewpoint of people who played the game for less than a day?
This is flabbergasting. Surely, I did expect you to receive feedback without actively chasing away potential customers.

I also sort of assumed that you wanted to get feedback from people who weren't already super close to the project. That the team would liike to find out if the systems were transparent or opaque to brand new players. That you'd care to learn whether your narrative arcs made sense to the folks who haven't spent the last several months memorizing every event in Teron. Or discover if the game is fun to folks who might be interested in buying it one day.

Anyone who was here long enough and knows me ...
That's kind of the problem. Most people haven't been here "long enough." They don't "know you." And why should they? You're kind of a dick when they show up and provide feedback and give their impressions on a forum you created expressly for that purpose.

It's clear you don't actually want feedback or suggestions, so I'll stop taking screenshots of typos and jotting down my impressions as I beta test your game free. And its clear you don't want new people playing, so I'll stop seeding the torrents and telling people about the interesting looking indie RPG.

Before today I was a guaranteed day one sale. Now? I'll consider it if the reviews are excellent and I see it for under $5 one day down the road. Charisma roll failed! Choices and Consequences! You've successfully chased away someone who has been itching to give you money for years.
7  RPG / Public Beta Discussions / Re: The initial impressions on: March 23, 2012, 09:27:25 pm
Wanted to fight the assassin I see everyone complaining about!

Created a 10/6/8/8/4/4 Merc and put all points into Block.  Success!

Then I fought those ambushers (without resting.)  Success! 1hp left!

Something is reducing my Str from 10 to 9, though.
Not a character I imagine most people would build the first time they start the game!

At least for me, whenever I roll up a first character I put the bulk of my points into a weapon skill I want to use, and the rest into a few non-combat ones. If I'm focusing on a fighting type I'll put maybe 80% into a main weapon, and 10% each into a defense and noncombat skill.

Which is a recipe for quick death in the beta.
8  RPG / Public Beta Discussions / Re: There's No Point Putting Points in Anything But Combat for Combat Classes on: March 23, 2012, 09:14:25 pm
Not at all. We tested for months, like I said. Do you really think that everyone played with the same build and the secret was discovering it?
But we've only been playing for hours. And after hours of play, the combat isn't fun. Should the beginning of the game (and the demo/marketing tool) balanced so that it's fun to the designer and beta testers who have been playing for months and helped guide the systems development, or to the players? Which of those groups will be more numerous, if you get the kind of sales you're hoping for?

Which assassins? You? Just because you're working for the guild doesn't mean you're a hard man.
No. And just because they're thugs doesn't mean they're hard, either.

Stats aren't everything. Again, you look at characters and simply expect them to fall under your mighty fists - why? Because you're an 'assassin'?
Sort of. That's certainly how most RPGs work... you're at least not so bad at your chosen profession that you're totally useless in your very first encounter.

But more than that, we see a game and expect it to be fun. Not arbitrarily hard. People are having a really hard time killing the assassin in the vignette if they play the mercenary. And people are having a really hard time if they are the assassin killing the mercenary. So in both universes, one of the combatants is shit and the other is at least proficient. And in either universe, you're the shitty one.

I mean no offense, btw. Just trying to help you gain some perspective or at least look at it through my eyes.
I also mean no offense. But:  Wallbang We are trying to help you gain some perspective or at least look at it through our eyes, because you asked for our impressions and feedback. But instead of listening to us, it feel like the designers and beta testers are trying to convince us that we're wrong by arguing with us.

It feels like a defensive designer and protective fanboys, instead of an honest search for constructive criticism. (this is reinforced by your saluting anyone who writes, "I died twelve times in a row and then won the battle finally with one hit point left, and I LOVED IT.)

Look, there are a bunch of people who are completely new to the game who are making the same complaint. Many of them are saying it on other forums, or with new accounts here. They haven't been following the game for years. They haven't learned the ins and outs of combat, or played the previous demo. They don't have dozens of posts explaining to each other why dodge or block are or are not unbalanced. They are not going to buy your game no matter what.

When they say it's too hard, you argue with them. When they say they quit because it wasn't fun, you laugh at them. This sounds to me like the game already works how you want it to, and feedback is only taken seriously if it reaffirms the way things work right now. And I suspect that you're turning away potential customers. After all, even if you are taking this feedback under consideration, and you do tweak the first thirty minutes of the game to be less punishing, folks who have bothered to download the game and register on your forums are likely to get the impression that they aren't being taken seriously.

And to be very clear: I am okay with a game that's hard. I am okay with a game that's very hard. But I am not okay with a game that isn't fun. And it can't be fun if the gameplay at the very beginning consists of reloading over and over again. Requiring the players to get good at the game in order to progress is great. Requiring them to get good at it in order to have fun is shooting yourself in the foot.
9  RPG / Public Beta Discussions / Re: Questions and issues *beware of spoilers* on: March 23, 2012, 05:42:37 pm
Typing [1][0][0] into the shop interface results in "001" as the output.

When you discover the switch behind the crumbling wall in the squatters house, near the Healers, and decide to repair it the dialog says: "So, unlimbering your tools, you set to work." This sounds ridiculously pretentious, and unintuitive. I see it is in the dictionary and apparently used correctly, so my only critique is that it sounds like someone went overboard with a thesaurus.

I wish my character could initiate dialogue with merchants while standing across from them, with their ware tables or counters between them. Nobody walk behind the bar to order a drink.

It's not clear in the description which combat skill governs a club. I assume hammer. I have the same trouble with some daggers and swords. I feel this should be a standard bit of info in either the description or a mouse over.
10  RPG / Public Beta Discussions / Re: Dialogue Options on: March 23, 2012, 01:28:36 pm
- if you are not one to give in to people who outnumber you, you will die. A lot. That's just common sense, really. So, why give you (wounded, I presume) an opportunity to take on a group of skilled fighters, if you're guaranteed to lose it?

Because it'd be hard?
11  RPG / Public Beta Discussions / Re: The initial impressions on: March 23, 2012, 01:22:52 pm
I've played for a few hours as a mercenary and had a much better time than with the Praetor.

The initial combat with the assassin isn't an absolute cakewalk, but I was able to take him out with enough HP left over to survive the thugs outside Cado's bar on my third try. (first try assassin killed me. Second try I had only three HP left and had to walk away from the thugs. Third try I was able to scrape by both battles, but my companion died.)

Much more gratifying than before. I wound up joining the assassins and having a body count of around 8 or 10 by the time the end cards showed. The combats that the vignette and immediate circumstances after led me into were within my range to deal with. I had fun this time, where playing as the Praetor was frustrating and quit-inducing.

Some more thoughts.

If you scroll up in the text box, it should stay put until you scroll back to the bottom. Combat messages scroll by very quickly. If I mouse wheel up to try to read a verbose one and get all of the info, the text keeps going as it updates. It's way too fast to follow. I believe Fallout worked this way. It would keep updating at the bottom, but it would stay still so you could actually read it if you scrolled up.

It would be nice if the game auto-saved before combats, or before encounters that lead to combat. Quick save spamming is the least frustrating way to play, but that's not very fun. It'd be nice to stop mashing F5 and not have to worry about losing progress.

In the Mercenary vignette I hate that in the Inn room I can loot the two bodies but then I just get a message telling me "you take everything of value in the chest." Why is that? I have to open my inventory and examine it to find out what was in the chest. What's wrong with a normal loot screen?

When presented with the option to go to Cado's, you can agree or select "'Next time.' Get some rest." This was  bit confusing. I selected that option thinking it was awkwardly phrased and meant meant I could rest first and then take the stuff to Cado's. Instead it was awkwardly phrased and meant "no, I don't want to do this ever." It would be clearly and more natural for the option to be "Maybe next time," which is a pretty clear but polite "no" to an native English speaker. Or even simply, "No."

I think that "Take All" should close the loot screen after transferring items to your inventory.

At the end of the Mercenary vignette I feel the option to fast travel to Feng's and the Guards should be take away. By that point one is itching to start playing and it feels like the vignette is over.. And since both locations have fast travel options on the map it won't hurt replay value when you've seen the vignette for the umpteenth time.

When you enter Feng's you get a dialogue that describes the place, and lets you talk to Feng or leave. I'd rather the text appear in the scrolling box, and I had the agency to click on Feng or walk out. This felt like it was unnecessarily railroading the player to talk to Feng, instead of letting the player just click on him like any other NPC. Same outcomes, but one doesn't hijack the gameplay.

When entering the Assassin's guild, I don't see why the dialog shouldn't be in the scroll box instead of its own screen. (I think the Commercium is this way too.) You have the scroll box, so use it. There are all of these dialogs  that just say, "read this then press 1. End." It needlessly breaks up the gameplay.

In one combat I had two enemies die on the same tile, in the same position. I was only able to loot one of them.

Sometimes the vignettes disarm me or change my equipment around. This is obnoxious, and has led to me having to spend AP in combat re-equipping myself. Not cool.

12  RPG / Public Beta Discussions / Re: The initial impressions on: March 22, 2012, 04:35:34 pm

Yep, the combat is very hard, and it is designed to be like that, to encourage looking for peaceful means of resolving situations. If you want to be able to kill everyone, raise your Block skill to >60 Wink

It's very early in the game and raising block to 60 is not really possible.  Tongue But that fight is doable, I've beaten it. Pretty tough, but good rewards.

I have no doubt it's doable, and I know that the game's combat is meant to be hard. I still don't think it's reasonable for a new player to select a default load-out for a combat style character, and have their ass handed to them five minutes into the game. It's just too early to come across as a fun challenge, because the player is still learning how the game works and is still interested in getting to know the world.

I don't think that the first Praetor combat should be balance such that a non combat focused character can win it on the first try. But I do think that it shouldn't take an hour of reloading, and rebuilding more and more combat focused characters just to get your first taste of victory in a brand new game.

That fight might be a cinch for somebody who knows the combat system in and out, or who can min-max the best fighting character possible. But it's the very first combat in the game for anyone who decides to select a character build that is described as a fighter who might want to talk.
13  RPG / Public Beta Discussions / Re: The initial impressions on: March 22, 2012, 03:21:31 pm
Looks great!

I've played for about an hour.

The font is too small to read comfortably. I'm playing at 1680x1050, and have to lean way forward to make out any of the text. I was skipping dialogues because of it, and I am now quitting because it's so uncomfortable to play hunched forward.

I tried the game on the other two 16:10 resolutions, and it didn't help at all. (and in 1280x800 the screen was letterboxed, which it should not have been.)

Inventory description text spills outside of the allotted box.

I'd like to be able to re-bind keys.

If my shield is selected, and I right click on my sword to select an attack mode, then shield bash is still selected. I've accidentally shield bashed when I meant to Power Attack half a dozen times. I think that selecting an attack mode should also select that weapon.

I feel that left clicking on the selected weapon should scroll through the available attacks. (at least quick, normal, power.) Otherwise it's a lot of right click and hold every single turn.

I want to be able to hover over allies and enemies who are out of range to see their status in combat. It seems that I shouldn't have to be right next to someone to assess whether they are unhurt or almost dead.

The first interception quest for the Praetor seems punishingly hard. I've played it a dozen times and the best I can do is to die after my allies with three bad guys standing, instead of before them with all four enemies still alive. I understand the intention for this to be a hard game, but if I hadn't been following it and didn't have so much faith in it, I'd dismiss it as not fun.

It seems to me that the default Praetor build should have at least a sporting chance at the first Praetor quest combat even if the player hasn't been playing the combat demo for a year.
14  RPG / The Age of Decadence / Re: AoD May Update on: May 04, 2011, 08:58:20 am
Are there special animations for critical hits that don't kill the opponent?
15  RPG / RPG Discussion / Re: Dragon Age 2, uh sorry... Dragon RAGE 2! on: February 25, 2011, 01:38:39 am
  But saying that the dialog options are short and cryptic because they wanted to make the game cinematic doesn't hold water

One is a direct consequence of another.
No, it is not. 

You can't say the dialog choices are short and cryptic to make the game cinematic because the dialog choices could be informative without changing anything except the dialog choices. 

You could, as I've said, simply write the whole line.  If the aversion to that is really along the lines of, "I just read this, and now he's saying it?  Boo!" (and you're right, that does make sense in a sort of "our players are morons" way) then there are other options.  For instance, instead of uselessly short "summaries" of the spoken line, they could be statements of PC intent.  So you would pick something like, "Offer to help him find his sister," "concede his point," "threaten him with violence," or "Attempt to seduce him."  Then, assuming the writers are trying at least a little, we wouldn't be jarred by our choices so poorly reflecting the PC's actions.

The prompts are sometimes bad -- in that they are misleading, cryptic, and mysterious -- because the people implementing dialog wheels (which they may well be using in an attempt to make the game cinematic) are writing prompts that don't reasonably lead to the dialog they're writing.  They are not bad in order to make it cinematic.  They are bad as a consequence of doing a shitty job while attempting to make it cinematic. 

The Witcher was like this.  Geralt's lines were written out, and then voiced when you selected them. 

Well, i wasnt following feedback on this one, but i guess the fact that Witcher 2 switched to short summaries means they received complains about that?
That's a stunningly broken train of logic. 

(and I'm sorry to hear they are making that switch.  Sad)

But ultimately, I think the switch to a dialog wheel makes DA2 poorer than sticking to dialog trees would have.  The justification behind making the change doesn't alter the fact that it's a bad change.  More cinematic?  Maybe.  Better gameplay?  No. 
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