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1  RPG / Combat Demo Discussions / Re: What helps you more in AoD combats - Tactics or Reloads? on: February 16, 2010, 02:40:53 pm
Win a game with a character. Start another game, use the same items, stats and skills. How much reloads do you need to win the second time? That is the measurement of tactics vs luck.
I haven't played the game with the same character (since it would be boring like hell), but I managed to beat the demo with a few different chars, so I more or less understand what are the weaknesses of the NPCs. And I really think its more down to luck this time.
2  RPG / Combat Demo Discussions / Re: What helps you more in AoD combats - Tactics or Reloads? on: February 12, 2010, 03:57:58 pm
when it comes to the official combat demo (3rd release) I definitely say that luck has nothing to do with it and it's all about how I distribute my points and which equipment I choose + tactics, but in the unofficial dodge rebalance (which was posted somewhere on the forums by Oscar, if I remember correctly) I need to say that the balance shifts more towards luck ;p
3  RPG / Combat Demo Discussions / Re: New R3 bug on: February 03, 2010, 11:37:41 am
---UPLOAD FOLDER IS FULL...can't get the screens or my console.txt uploaded? Do I just wait or is there something else I can do?---

after you upload a photo it even gives you the link in forum formatting Wink

and you can try copy/pasting your console.log and putting it with a spoiler tag
(spoiler) blabla (/spoiler)

but [] brackets instead of ()
4  RPG / Combat Demo Discussions / Re: Bugs/crashes/issues thread on: February 02, 2010, 06:51:37 pm
I was fighting Carbo with my dagger build and he gives away his turn if a situation like this occurs:

C= Carbo
x= empty space

(pic attached)

1. Beginning of my turn:


2. I move closer (2AP).


3. I do an aimed attack with a dagger at his hands, which disarms him (4AP).
4. I do a power attack with a different dagger (4AP)
5. I move away (2AP), so I end up in the same situation as at the beginning (12AP in total)


6. Carbo takes out his weapon, but doesn't attack.

As I understand he doesn't want to move closer if he doesn't have enough AP to attack me in this round, so he skipps. But the same thing can be repeated until death. Maybe make him move away or sideways or sth instead of standing in the same place?


the repeating bit:

APM Test: Gaius Marcellus Carbo (3018) begins his turn.
APM Test: CombatTurn::start - combat turn #11 has started.
APM Test: 2001
APM Test: 3018
APM Test: Tit (2001) begins his turn.

below the complete one:
5  RPG / Combat Demo Discussions / Re: Bad Enough Dudes - an exclusive gentlemen's club on: February 02, 2010, 03:59:36 pm
tried to enter this honorable club with a dagger build - no way of getting through...
so I tried a sword/block this evening - god, how easy that was, managed to win the inn fight with second try, only because NPC got lucky on criticals the first time!

love the game, I truly do, but it's gonna take a few releases more to get the balance right, however I definitely see a great improvement in R3 compared to R1, great job!

(ended up with 200 sword, 280 block)

another reason why this game pwns - after writing this post I loaded back an old save of my dagger char before I screwed up his stats, brainstormed for a while and managed to get past the inn fight, yey!
6  RPG / Combat Demo Discussions / Re: Critical chance (+ sword) = superior? on: January 28, 2010, 06:29:01 am
To win Triarii: you need to avoid their ranged attacks. Keep them coming towards you and knocking them out with head attacks. Make sure the Leader buys it first (his head is unprotected!), the other two don't have nearly as much damage potential.
Yea, definitely the leader needs to be taken out first and he is not that hard without a helmet.

My two favorite builds have been uber crossbow guy, and the popular spear/dodge. Those two get through everyone without many reloads, and so seem pretty superior in the arena.
The spear/dodge combo is getting quite good too, but only if you can pump spear skills very high. I would say that spear is rather bad at low level or very good at high level, there is no middle-ground as in the case of swords, axes, hammers etc. due to interruption attacks being crucial with spears. Hopefully in the full game experience points will be generated at a slower pace (+ there will non-combat skills one will have to take into consideration), so getting a uber spearman build will be a difficult thing to do.
7  RPG / Combat Demo Discussions / Re: Can the ability to add points in units of 5 be added? on: January 27, 2010, 03:47:50 pm
+1 to holding mouse button (to be implemented in post-demo future)

Is much more intuitive then the shift version (and of course fallout had it! smug)
8  RPG / Combat Demo Discussions / Re: Critical chance (+ sword) = superior? on: January 27, 2010, 01:53:30 pm
After reading this post, I went and tried a sword/crit guy, and haven't gotten through the ordu. I have about 125 in swords and 100 in crit with bronze imperial+tower shield, they demolish me. The archer alternated crippling my legs with 4-5 point hits and the swordsman just whacks me for 10-15 until I die. What was you guys' sword/crit ratio? Aimed attacks weren't connecting for me, if I was luck, I'd get one knock-out per try.
I would advise putting all your skill points into swords until you reach like 200-250 and than start adding points into CS. It will allow you to get a proper hit in the first place. It worked for me. Try going for the archer first and maybe get a 2-handed sword and power attack your way through? At least the Ordu swordsman needs to be handled with a weapon of a bigger 'caliber' due to his armor. If he's still too tough try aiming for the legs and retreat. Every step will cost him 4AP, so by the time he reaches you he won't be able to attack as often. In the next turn get a powerful or an aimed attack and retreat, etc. I know that while you retreat he might use an interruption attack on you, but this one is always a fast attack (at least in the second release), which is not as bad compared to the power attacks he treats you with during a his normal turn. This works if you have high action points.

Wish you luck! After Ordu things are getting a bit easier (IMHO).
9  RPG / Combat Demo Discussions / Re: Bad dudes on: January 27, 2010, 07:54:05 am
In most games, when you are stopped by 6 bandits you think "Cool! More XP and loot!". In AoD, when you're stopped by bandits we want to make sure that the option to give them all your money is very appealing and attractive.

So true, can't wait.

I also managed to become the arena champion with a 2-h spear / dodge build. At my first try with this build I had 10 AP and a trident and I've put alot of points into dodge at first, but it wasn't a smart choice. When I reached Ordu I just couldn't take them out, because my spear skills were too low to do interruption attacks often and when they got close enough even with good dodge I couldn't stand a chance.

In my impression interruption attacks for a spearman are completely crucial. It's not only a good addition like criticals for a sword, without those interruptions a spearman will get his ass beaten up quickly.

Next and final try was STR:9, DEX: 10, CON: 9, PER:4. Although it was a spear/dodge build I didn't put a single point into dodge until having 200+ in spears, I finished with 261 in spears and 127 in dodge.
12AP was what I really needed for this build, with a 1-h spear I could do up to 4 attacks per round or whirlwind twice which was good with barbari and some lower level NPCs (once with 3 barbari I managed to do 6 hits per turn twice in a row, excluding dodge conter-attacks!). When fighting strong NPCs I've switched to a 2-h spear (the 5AP one) and have been doing a mix of leg and torso or power attacks and moving away from the opponent to get an interruption attack.

If I was to show the difficulty of all the fights in a graph form it would look like that:


where the pick point is the fight with the Ordu. Really, later on (+ bucher's armor which allows for 11AP) the fights were quite straightforward, especially the last one (I got lucky on criticals though).

The fight in the inn however... darn, no way I can beat that in that tiny room. If only I had some space to get a proper interruption-distance each turn, then maybe.

Need to think of another build now. Cool!
10  RPG / Combat Demo Discussions / Re: Fixed issues on: January 26, 2010, 04:20:22 pm
  • Nets: added penalty to defence, doubled movement cost, changed THC formula.

Could someone please expand on this one. I know that the formula is linked to the throwing skill (+TS/10) but I got the impression that it is more complicated?

I wonder how it is done. It sounds logical to link it to the throwing skill, but by doing so it kinda contradicts the whole stereotype of a bad-ass gladiator with a trident in one hand and a net with another... i.e. it would end up used by throwing builds together with throwing knifes etc.
11  RPG / Combat Demo Discussions / Re: Critical chance (+ sword) = superior? on: January 26, 2010, 02:10:06 pm
And keep in mind, the game itself is going to be much more than combats; getting SP, armors and weapons will be so much harder, and a combat monster won't be as successful as in the demo. As far as I know.
I fully understand where you're coming from on this one, but what I was pointing to is that, at least in my view, dodge/block/crit-based builds should be equally good (with their specific dis-/advantages). It is easier to balance dodge vs block, since they work on a bit similar basis, but putting the proper balance on critical strike (in comparison to dodge/block) is probably a very problematic and delicate matter. Crit-based builds tend to be much more effective in today's games and the last thing I want to see is AoD go the same path!

We've tweaked a lot of things (...) so get the new version when it's out
You don't have to say that twice!  Salute
12  RPG / Combat Demo Discussions / Critical chance (+ sword) = superior? on: January 26, 2010, 12:00:33 pm
First of all, the demo is sweet! And by that I mean abso-fuckin-lutely increadibly sweet. I was supposed to have a look for a an hour or two in the evening and stayed up till 5am! Fuck-yeah!

Back to topic however: Don't you guys think that critical chance (+ a sword, which also increases crits) is a bit superior to other skills? This game has so much to offer in terms of game play, but I find it annoying that all this bad-ass mechanics can go f*ck itself because critical hits + aim to the head are so much more effective and easy... it's like that in every game these days!

Compare two theoretical situations:

Playing a trident/dodge build for example: One has to choose a proper armor not to be slowed down too much and to have a decent Damage Reduction. During a fight one needs to always keeps his enemies at a distance, although closing-in interruption is a fast attack which doesn't take place all the time and very often does not cause any damage (starting from medium-range armored opponents).

A sword/criticals build for example: Choosing armor is rather straightforward - the best one, just to have enough action points to do those aimed shots in the head.

The latter options really doesn't involve us much tactical planning or smart moves, it's nice and easy like cutting through warm butter with a fucking light-saber.

Since I want this to be a constructive criticism not just whining this is what I would advise (or sth along these lines):
- for example, add a "bleading" condition to the game (hp loss over time, over a few rounds). Make swords have much higher chance of causing bleeding out of other weapons instead of just simply causing more criticals - that's lame!

- for spears: for each action point which is not used within a turn add 10%-15% or so to your spear skill only for the purpose of interrupting opponent's closing-in movement during this round.

- change critical hits from a skill to a property of a weapon - have better quality and masterwork weapons get higher critical rates.

- fencing/swordplay skill (not the best name I know) or sth similar could be added (instead of criticals) which could giving the player an extra automated fast attack whenever his previous attack was really good (critical, disarming, slowing down etc.) or give out random effects when the player is being attacked - like disarming your opponent, causing them to self-harm or harm their party member next to them (i.e. if wielding big clumsy weapons) or causing them to fall down etc... tones of ideas for this one!

What are your thoughts?

EDIT: typos
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