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1  RPG / Dead State Bugs and Feedback / Re: Darlene's bow mission todo list bug on: August 01, 2015, 02:10:50 pm

The todo list item is completed by visiting the site with or without Darlene.
Visit the site with Darlene so she can get her unique bow.
2  RPG / Dead State General Discussion (No Spoilers) / Duplicate Specials on: August 01, 2015, 02:03:02 pm

As you work through the game quite a few duplicates of special items emerge, surgical tools, oxy, microscopes, cement, toolkits.

Instead of have these as single use items to enable building,  allow subsequence finds to enhance the appropriate improvement or character.

e.g Gift surgical tools & medical books to each Dr for a one of effectiveness boost
3  RPG / Dead State Ally and Story Discussion (Spoilers) / Re: Dealing with Coyotes besides SPOILER on: July 05, 2015, 02:53:24 pm

There is a way to deal with them quite early on.

Jobs a good one with some great loot.
4  RPG / Dead State Ally and Story Discussion (Spoilers) / Re: It's possible to make Ryan useful? on: July 05, 2015, 02:30:12 pm

After teaching English, I told him to study Science combined with his naturally developing mechanics skill he makes an excellent all round crafter in the shelter.
5  RPG / The Shelter - Official Dead State Forum / Re: Bugs still in Reanimated on: July 05, 2015, 01:30:01 pm
In the shopping centre in Austin, most of the stairwells are broken.  The entire party enters the stairs, but since there is not enough space at the next level some body always reappears in the middle of the door, often another on other side of the locked door.

Also with many of the bathrooms, entrance is blocked by the doors and cannot be entered, there are similar problem with bathrooms at the Lucky Rabbit Hotel.

In Austin the Merc's can aim and shoot through closed, locked and blocked doors.

The Merc's playing cards ignored the gunfight outside the stairwell and continued playing cards (until I opened their door and dropped a grenade on them).

When I got to the Mansion, Sandy was dead, I found this by exploring and nobody sends me there.

Darlene & the Doc showed up at the school and mention two others in their party, but only Darlene & the Doc are added to roster.

Darlene directs me to the summer camp, after I've already visited it.  Which I visited again anyway and Ben and almost everybody else is dead, except for Sara & Mira who had already turned up at the School, but are also still at summer camp.  Are there supposed to be clues as to who shot everybody at the Summer camp and couldn't even be bothered to raid it?

The knight!  WTF? He just seems to be making everybody unhappy, particularly Max, he cannot fight (admittedly is useful as a tank to take damage) and no options in dialogue or crisis events to do anything about this.  Early dialogue with Elaine suggest she would act as councillor but there are no job for assigning people to her.

Todd is useless, at least make give a reason to bothers accepting him into Camp given the trouble he causes.  At the moment flat out turning him away is vastly more attractive than accepting him.  His attitude to Priscilla is much more creepy than Godfrey's behaviour which is just sad.  I wanted to shoot Todd outright for being a pedo but wasn't allowed.

Paul and Darlene complained about killing neutrals at the nearby camp even after one of them shot Darlene, and I let every single one attack & or open fire first.

There should be probably be crisis meetings when, 1) Jefferson shows up and demanding assistance against Adair.  2) When Adair asks for Nash just like when he asked for Paul and Bikers demand Regina.

Darlene, Vic and Regina seem unconcerned I agreed to hand over Nash, despite apparently being friends.

Characters kept in shelter (e.g. Jodie, Sir Knight), keep appearing slightly wounded without explanation, seems to happen over night, even though no attacks on fence.

Some character, undamaged, but seem to get graphically stuck in the infirmary, and assigned to tasks on board which are being carried out, e.g. Joel & Melina
6  RPG / The Shelter - Official Dead State Forum / Vicious Dogs - Loot on: June 06, 2015, 04:23:38 am

Vicious Dogs don't yield any loot.

My suggestion is that when looted they produce some meat.
Perhaps require some survival skill or even Science (Biology)
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