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1  RPG / The Shelter - Official Dead State Forum / Streaming Dead State Live Now! on: June 26, 2015, 06:25:55 pm
Jake's on the Indie MEGABOOTH stream playing Dead State for the next two hours!

Remember, the time of this weekly stream hasn't changed: Fridays, 4-6 p.m. PDT on the Indie Megabooth Twitch channel.

If you can't make it this week, plan to be there next week, same time, same place!
2  RPG / The Shelter - Official Dead State Forum / Stability Update on Steam on: June 11, 2015, 06:19:22 pm
Today’s update is geared mostly towards fixing a few minor bugs and taking care of some minor stability issues, as well as adding a bit of polish here and there.  Check out the highlights below, and let us know on the forums if you run into any issues!


The DB Team


Fixed an issue which caused difficulty using the stairs in the Hotel level.
Fixed an issue which could cause a crisis event to fire when a required ally was no longer in the Shelter.
Fixed an issue which caused Lloyd to remain on the job board incorrectly.
Fixed an issue preventing several dialogues from completing correctly.
Fixed an issue which prevented an alternate recruitment method for two allies.
Updated scripting so Elaine gets an upgrade mood boost depending on her character path.
Fixed an issue preventing Elaine’s alternate dialogue from being visible when following her Combat character path.
Added Camo Paint to several enemies.
Fixed an issue which could cause certain dialogues to fire incorrectly when a required character was dead.
Fixed an issue which caused dead characters to be deleted on re-entering Militia controlled maps.
Fixed blocking issues on several maps.
Fixed door and scripting issues on several maps.
Fixed typos and scripting errors in several dialogues.
Many other small fixes.
3  RPG / The Shelter - Official Dead State Forum / Re: Dead State on Indie MEGABOOTH Twitch in an hour! on: May 29, 2015, 05:53:46 pm
We're up again in less than ten minutes, everybody Grin

Hope to see you there!
4  RPG / The Shelter - Official Dead State Forum / Re: Dead State on Indie MEGABOOTH Twitch in an hour! on: May 22, 2015, 07:51:59 pm
AUGH, thanks veryinky, I messed it up because I was in such a rush to get that posted!
5  RPG / The Shelter - Official Dead State Forum / Dead State on Indie MEGABOOTH Twitch in an hour! on: May 22, 2015, 05:04:20 pm
Hi guys,

We have a fun surprise for you - if you'll be around at 4 p.m. PDT, then tune in to the Indie MEGABOOTH Twitch channel and watch Jake (or as most of you know him, SunwardMold) play Dead State: Reanimated and talk about the features.  It'll be a kind of overview for new players but he'll also drop hints that will be useful to advanced players, so we recommend it for all!

Other devs will be in the chat as well, so together we'll be fielding questions about Dead State while we're at it - so if you're looking for some facetime, this is a great opportunity.

We're looking at this being a weekly event, with future streams varying in content, so if you enjoy the show then please make a calendar appointment on your time-scheduling analog or digital device of choice Smile
6  RPG / Dead State Ally and Story Discussion (Spoilers) / Parisa's Storyline Design Notes on: March 13, 2015, 05:55:23 pm
Here’s a write-up from our design team about changes to Parisa’s character and her related storylines in the most recent update - please read if you’re curious about the design process!

Early in development, Parisa's character was crafted to have a major hand in creating a "cure" for the undead affliction - "cure" in quotes because really, it was actually just a treatment. Lore-wise, we built it on the concept of the Milwaukee Protocol (which you should totally look up because it is awesome and also will creep you out), a treatment for rabies: normally, when rabies symptoms manifest, it was a death sentence for the infected person. The Milwaukee Protocol offered a treatment, which, though not frequently successful, did give a final option to try and save the victim.

Now, as we've said before - this was NOT an ending, nor was it ever meant to be one. It was originally intended to be a possible option for the late game, to potentially defray any long-term cost of having favorite characters be infected. However, before release, it was a team decision to cut this functionality for the following reasons (and btw, SPOILER ALERT IN THE FOLLOWING):

  • SATISFACTION. Are players actually going to be glad to have a treatment for the Infected status, as opposed to a real cure? Functionally speaking, characters could get Infected, undergo the treatment, but then still be able to be reinfected - a necessary evil to keep the undead as a real and continuous threat.
  • BALANCE. The "cure" needed to be difficult to get and to use, so that a reliance on antibiotics long-term didn't seem as positive an option for large numbers of allies. This meant that to be feasibly balanced, the ally would have to be taken out of action for at least 5 days, and use a high volume of medical items. Balancing that versus the costs of the Infected status and trying to encourage gameplay that cycled out more allies - instead of forcing the player to rely solely on their "A team" - was something that was a tricky prospect even in the most simple of implementations.
  • FUNCTION. The "cure" needed multiple steps to actually get working - it would seem cheap if it came too easy. In that end, even the most rudimentary of implementations called for at least two new jobs even to discover it - researching the cure, and then testing it - as well as new ones simply to deliver the treatment.
  • INCLUSION. With so much work behind a "cure," it seemed a bit unfair to entirely hook the system up to Parisa - especially since no other system is innately tied with a character that way. To make things fair, other scientific/medical professionals would need to be able to research it, which would have effectively double/triple/quadrupled our workload to implement it.
  • REACTION. Even if a "cure" were not wholly that, but a treatment, it's still a solid bet that a lot of factions would do everything they could to try and acquire it. Players would be totally justified in expecting the Military, the Militia - maybe even the quarrelsome Coyotes - to want it. And not just in a friendly trade, but to attack consistently until they made it happen. This would have required a bunch of new dialogue options, new paths, and a lot more work to make feasible.
  • LORE. One key misgiving that Brian had as the story lead was that having a "cure" that followed an understanding of the Milwaukee Protocol - as it related to rabies - was that it zeroed in on the undead affliction specifically as a virus, something he wasn't entirely comfortable with. Annie, who had originally concepted Parisa and the "cure," sympathized with this direction, and later wrote the data items from the CDC, one of which deals specifically with the difficulties in attempting to categorize it from a pathology perspective.
  • REALISM. While coming up with a treatment for a world-devastating civilization-collapsing condition in a high school science lab definitely makes Parisa seem like a grade-A badass, it's definitely not realistic. And while Dead State isn't always 100% realistic (don't get us started on the actual time it takes for a human body to deal with a bullet wound vs. how it works in games!), this made it a bit of a bridge too far, especially when it's obvious that massive world health organizations have not been able to do what one woman was able to accomplish by herself. Parisa Sharazi is pretty cool and super smart, but she's not Tony Stark (and besides, if we call a spade a spade there, even Tony had someone brilliant helping him make that first suit!)
So with all these things considered, it made the most sense to cull that particular storyline. We left in a scene where Parisa comes up and talks to you about researching a cure, and exhorting you to do something, but unfortunately, leaving it like that seemed less bleak than empty, and less intentionally dangling than a misstep. We apologize for that - we didn't mean for it to read so awkwardly. Towards that end, we've smoothed it out a bit, and given Parisa a bit more in the way of closure and development. You don't have to feel like you'll miss out on a major function if you don't rescue her - just someone interesting whose skills could help the Shelter in other ways.

Hopefully all that gives a better view not only to how we handled development - and how complicated a single feature can spiral out to be - but how we're looking to identify issues and gaps moving forward, and use these updates to provide a smoother and more fulfilling gameplay experience.

7  RPG / The Shelter - Official Dead State Forum / Re: Official Kickstarter Thread on: March 10, 2015, 12:37:26 pm
Hi all,

I just finished replying to the messages in the KS box.  Sorry about the delay - there's only one person checking our KS messages anymore (meeeee) and I got swamped when we were working on the soundtrack, demo, and trading cards at the same time and fell behind Sad  I am back on top of things now, though!
8  RPG / The Shelter - Official Dead State Forum / Re: Questions for the Dead State Team on: February 24, 2015, 08:00:09 pm
Hello. I have purchases a Dead State key for use on GOG, but would much rather have a Steam key for trading cards, achievements, & convenience. I understand if you are unable to do a key swap, but it would be much appreciated. Sorry if this isn't posted in the right place, just seemed like the best place to post this. Thanks

Hi Frostycap,

I'm afraid we at DoubleBear don't provide key swaps.  I would recommend using these forums or the Steam boards to ask if someone has a gift copy on Steam they could trade for your key, assuming you haven't activated it yet.  


EDIT: Oh, and it might be possible to return your key to GOG if it hasn't been activated - something to possibly look into?
9  RPG / The Shelter - Official Dead State Forum / Re: Questions for the Dead State Team on: January 09, 2015, 03:34:09 pm
Mexi:  I'm afraid we don't have an exact ETA yet.  We lost some time due to holidays so it's a longer stretch than usual between the last patch and the upcoming patch.  We occasionally post updates on Steam Announcements with information about our work here:

Jsnazz: There are improvements to AI and enemy behaviors still planned.  In most cases, the undead are supposed to all move at the same time but they do take turns attacking.  If you're experiencing issues with undead only moving one at a time when they should be moving simultaneously, we'd definitely appreciate a bug report in the bug-reporting subforum!  Particularly helpful if you can provide a zipped save file and specific reproduction steps for the issue Grin
10  RPG / Dead State Bugs and Feedback / Re: Dead State running on integrated graphics. Not able to select graphics card. on: December 10, 2014, 05:05:18 pm
Hi Silveredge,

Please get in touch with us on Kickstarter so I can get something worked out with you Smile  We fell behind on messages a bit during the rush but we're getting back on top of everything now.

11  RPG / The Shelter - Official Dead State Forum / Re: A Twitch player's stream of DS, happening now! on: December 09, 2014, 04:26:30 pm
Totally forgot to mention - he's also doing a giveaway during the stream of a DS code!  Makes a great holiday gift :3
12  RPG / The Shelter - Official Dead State Forum / A Twitch player's stream of DS, happening now! on: December 09, 2014, 04:25:13 pm
Hi everyone,

I don't normally call out Twitch streams (mostly because I'm not always aware of them) but this nice fellow is an EA player and also came by and talked to us at PAX.

Oscar and Annie are watching and chatting in his stream right now - please jump in and chat and watch Spinx42 play!

I'm sure he'd also love some new followers of his stream while you're at it Wink
13  RPG / Dead State Bugs and Feedback / Re: Fixing the glitch that deleted a zombies inventory caused a new bug. on: December 05, 2014, 08:26:29 pm
We do have an old bug where they still visually hold the weapon in their hands but the actual animation played is the zombie claw attack.  Does anyone know - does it sort of look like the zombie just has a weapon stuck in its hand while it's making a regular claw attack, or are they properly holding the weapons and making a humanlike attack? 
14  RPG / The Shelter - Official Dead State Forum / Re: Congrats Double Bear on: December 05, 2014, 07:34:11 pm
Awww, I <3 you all so much :')   Thanks everyone!
15  RPG / Dead State Beta Forum / Launch at 8 a.m. PST! on: December 04, 2014, 05:20:16 am
Everyone's curious, so here's the official answer:

We'll be setting the build live at 8 a.m. PST (i.e., Seattle time).  That's six hours from now.  Please spread the word if people ask!  I'll post this on Steam as well Smile

EDIT:  I should probably point out that the forum time listed on my post is NOT Seattle time xD  So my six hours made sense when I posted it, I swear!
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