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Title: Morale and Breaking point
Post by: DDToxic on December 04, 2009, 02:37:52 pm
Just a question will be the a Morale system, so for a example if a fight goes badly (some of)  your allies will run away or go nuts?
Or will it be implemented in the Characters you meet?
For a example
Simon is a hard nail war veteran and will almost never run
or Peter the Computer Nerd will run instantly if a Zombie just looks his way?

Or (another) option is Trust, the more your allies trust you the higher the morale / lesser Chance of running or going Psycho?
I think Morale is a big point in Zombie game, you just don`t stand and shoot if more and more Zombies coming your way and eating away your allies...
Just a thought

Title: Re: Morale and Breaking point
Post by: Janus on December 06, 2009, 02:38:40 pm
It would be great to see something like this in-game if done right.  Implementing a Fear/Trust/Morale level would be difficult.  The first thing I thought of after reading this was the console version of John Carpenter's The Thing.  In it, forgettable NPCs who would join you had their own levels of fear which were governed by things they witnessed in the environment, how well you equipped them, and your ability to demonstrate that you're not infected.  It sounded great in theory but in practice it lead to the NPCs having bi-polar moments simply because you had to exchange guns with them because a dead body is nearby.  I'm assuming anything like this implemented would be less straightforward though.

I think adding a lot of variables which could lead to someone losing their head and fleeing would be a good idea.  Lots of coding, but it would be realistic if done right.  Also, character types would depend a lot on that as well.  Simon the war vet would be less likely to run under the exact same circumstances than would Peter the nerd.  I would think a Morale check would depend on cumulative things which basically make the character "snap" in the moment. 

Title: Re: Morale and Breaking point
Post by: DDToxic on December 07, 2009, 03:25:48 am
Yeah i thought also this is difficult to Code, but I think this would be really nice!
Instead of the standard fantasy "you-are-the-Hero-who-never-shows-Fear" RPG
A ZRPG is more gritty and dark, (trust me i played quite a few sessions All flesh must be eaten)
I think this implemented in a Fantasy RPG could also be fun, i alway had a problem with
it that "oh my whole group is dead but the last Character plays it cool like last man standing"
But this will also chase casual gamers not a good option ;-)
Morale and Trust would also result in Tension between the Survivors...

Oh and regarding the Thing liked the movie but the game was not so awesome..