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« on: October 27, 2008, 03:02:33 pm »

There are thousands of different webcomics around with hugely varying quality. Some have good writing but bad art,
some have good art but bad writing, some are just horrible and some are insanely great!

Since I read lot of them, I'll post here links and short review of each.

They are in alphabetical order.

The Wang. Satirical cartoon of present-day US. B&W, good art. If you read MAD-magazine back at the day or like Crumb-style art, this is for you.

+EV. Humour about obsessive poker-player who is also a father. Quite funny even if you do not like/understand poker. Updated quite rarely.

Adventurer's life. Pokes fun of typical fantasy RPG-cliches. Mostly NSFW. Very nice art but has not updated in over six months.

Better Days. Melodramatic "growing-up" thingy. Be warned, it's anthromorphic (furries), but actually it's present US. B&W.

Dating drama with supernatural beings mixed in the fray. Not that funny but for some odd reason I keep reading it.

College-life drama. Not that funny but for some odd reason I keep reading it.

Insanely funny anecdotes from real life. Two thumbs up!

Very, very good 3-D sci-fi drama. Granted, it's your run-of-the-mill space opera but the art is very good and the plot so far isn't quite as stereotypical. Plus, no wierd aliens, just as humans.

A comedy about a gaming magazine. Usually quite funny though you do have to have some inkling of current events to appreciate it.

Fantasy comic about a group of anti-heroes, each with his/her own agenda. B&W. I really like the art and that even though they are bad guys, they are not stupid or just go around killing random people. Two thumbs up!

Satirical commentary on life. Drawn to look like 8-bit sprites. Yeah, sounds freaky but it is actually very nice. Loads of NSFW-content though.

Quite funny D&d-comedy. Started out with screenshots from BG but soon turned into a normal drawing style. Has been on "hiatus" for quite a long time. Heroes are goofy and villains are cool. Plus sexy drow-priestess! (Who doesn't love those foxy drow-chicks?)

Something for the anime-crowd. B&W but very, very well drawn. Action-comedy. Loads of NSFW-content. And in glorious manga-style, the plot is quite messed up. Heaven & hell fighting, with futuristic humanity in the crossfire. And teenage-boy with superpowers, forced to act as a sentinel for God, though inter-department rivalry in Heaven turns things messy constantly.

Great fun. Evil Inc is the megacorporation for super-villains around the world.

Barbarian hero saves the Princess from the evil Warlock. Too bad that during the rescue Barbarian is turned into a buxom blonde bombshell thanks to the Warlock. Hilarity ensues.

Modern day, alternative reality college-comic. You got all the normal fantasy creatures, living together in seemingly harmony. Basically a comedy and well drawn one as well.

Private detective comic. Quite goofy. I'm not sure if I really like it or - I think I'll give it a month or two to really hook me.

Order of the Stick. THE D&D webcomic. If you haven't seen it, read it ASAP even if you don't like D&D.

More b&w reality/dating/life-drama. About a couple of young women who drink too much. Hmm, why am I reading a such comic? Know thy enemy!

Life as seen through the eyes of low-level rpg encounter - the goblins, lowest of lows. Has comedic moments but also often is very, very graphically violent. You have been warned. Often discusses serious themes as racism, loyalty, honor, bigotry, ambition, "wolf in sheeps clothes"-theme and such.

Another comedy take on a gaming magazine. Not that well drawn but quite funny, though most often makes fun of console games. So if you don't know anything about console gaming, you can give this one a pass.

Strange one. Basically, it's about this guy and his friends, stumbling through life - but it often takes weird side-tracks, like exploring Everquest or something. Includes plenty of NSFW-strips and also political references. Usually quite funny.

Parody comic of Conan the Barbarian. Bill isn't quite as fierce as Conan but he struggles by with his pet-miniature dragon. Not that well drawn and some of the jokes are forced but I'm hoping it will get better.

Pretty good fantasy comic, set in an original world. Has it's comedic moments but tries to be more drama than pure comedy.

From the Least I Could Do-makers, another fantasy-comic. Strongly influenced by WoW but has lately started to make more of it's "original" world. Richard the Warlock is quite a memorable villain and he joins up with our goofy hero from the start.

Super-nerd-virgin boy needs to find 2 roommates. Luckily, he finds them. Unsurprisingly first one is a sassy lezzie and the second one is a buxom bimbo. Hilarity ensues. NSFW every now and then.

Manga-style drawn, really like it. Thanks to a little misfile at Heaven Archives, a high school wakes up as a girl and a college girl finds herself back in time - in the same high school naturally. Angel responsible tries to help them. Many problems and funny moments ensue. Actually quite thought provoking about gender identity and cultural roles.

Samurai-comic from feodal Japan. Starts out really goofily but gets more serious along the way. Very well drawn. Two thumbs up!

Fantasy comic but more along the old fairytales of HG.Andersen and such instead of "modern" Tolkienisque, generic-fantasy. Fantastic art and story is quite rich.

Funny B&W drama about two girlfriends and their friends. Between comedy, it does wander about meaning of life and such issues every now and then.

Craziest political cartoon you will ever find. Crazy. Batshitcrazy. But funny.

Girl-student of ancient lore searches an ancient dungeon, meets a naked girl-demon and challenges her into a chess-game in exchange for her life. Hilarity ensues. And yeah, the girl-demon stays naked all the time. Fully drawn. So NSFW, I guess. Depends where you work, naturally.

High-school drama about rival girl-cliques. Yeah, sounds bad but actually is very good review of social relations and dirty tricks. If you like the movie Mean Girls, this is way better. Rivalry, infighting, backstabbing, rumour-mongering, mudslinging, you name it.

Fantasy comic about Planescape. Art is pretty bad but does it job. Writing is okay and there's many funny moments. Updated quite rarely.

Life and drama and dating and lots of indie/alt rock. Often very funny. Very well drawn.

If you only read one webcomic in your life, it should be this. Yes, Sinfest is just.that.good. Period.

About a game store. And Iraq-war. And uh... a girl with huge gazonkas. But mainly it's about US politics.

Comic artists who end up in crazy adventures. The original drawing style wasn't that great but I really like the new style.

Nerds and their comic-culture. As the name implies. It's a comedy. B&W and well drawn.

Fantasy cartoon about the adventures of Ohforf in the MMORPG Clichequest. Wanky drawing style but very funny if you have ever played a MMORPGs.

Fantasy comic in an original world. Very adult themed and I don't just mean sex&violence (though it includes both). Handels many controversial and moral topics. Very well drawn.

Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic. Beholder-guy meets a goblin-girl. They get married and live inside a mountain with a whole bunch of other "evil" creatures. Much, much hilarity ensues. Mild nudity and comic violence every now and then. Oh yeah and hot drow-chicks!

Add your favourites! I'm always on the look for more good webcomics.

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« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2008, 03:32:32 pm »

The main comic is a partially autobiographical strip about a group of confused, sarcastic, and mildly sociopathic twenty-somethings (thirties in later strips) who've recently realized that they have no idea what the fuck they're supposed to be doing with their lives and fill in the time they would otherwise spend being good and constructive members of family and society with a number of what could be lightly termed "irresponsible misadventures." Contains violence, sex and discussion thereof, sarcasm, rape, misfortune, D&D, and insults for basically everyone. It gets anomalously serious at times, made worse by the extreme focus on characters and connections, and also becomes very, VERY weird, especially with the main character's cats. There are also a number of other comics by the same artist, but he never bothers to update them and they're not as good. As for the main one, start at the beginning and work your way through, or else.

Stick figures, nerdy situations, sarcasm, math, love, death, the Internet, general insanity, and making out with yourself. Oh, aand there's a blag. And velociraptors. And other stuff. Read it however the fuck you want.

This now-finished (twice!) comic's a lot like Something Positive, but more playful, less sarcastic, and focused almost entirely on the main character, Kestrel, and her relationships. It has a lot of crossovers with Something Positive, and, as with S*P, start at the back and read up, because it's very story-based. It won awards and stuff.

Sequel to Queen of Wands, and very similar, although with different (i.e. black and white) art, mostly different characters, and not as good. Still okay, though.

Cats. Very funny cats.
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