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Noble House Daratan - Once the largest and most influential Noble House, controlling seven provinces and more than 20 legions, House Daratan was almost destroyed during the War. Today less than 100 people still loyal to the Daratan name control a small town named Teron, that has definitely seen better days. As House Daratan draws its last gasp, some within are preparing for one last fight, to shift the balance of power and restore the noble House at any cost.

Noble House Aurelian - House Aurelian's main forces maintained order in the colonies, far away from the fiercest and bloodiest battlefields during the War. With the world decimated and society in chaos, General Gaelius moved swiftly to take firm control of the most strategic forts and towns. Today House Aurelian controls 70% of what's left from Maadoran, a town built around an old fortress, making every effort to make sure that the power balance remains in their favour. Resentment remains amongst the other Houses towards Aurelian's current standing.

Noble House Crassus - Withdrawing from war and politics, House Crassus dedicated itself to the sciences and arcane research, particularly in planes of existence. Consequently, they were instrumental in the Summoning, having constructed the portal and the many machines that powered it. Most Mages perished in the last days, depriving the House not only the generations of wisdom and research, but of clarity and focus. Today House Crassus calls for proper worship and the restoration of the gods.

Imperial Guards - Formed from the remnants of the Imperial Army, the Imperial Guards are an independent, influential and powerful faction, maintaining order and preventing open war between Noble Houses. While the Noble Houses squabble amongst themselves, cloaked in subterfuge, espionage and counter-espionage, the Guards are more idealistic. Their primary goal is the restoration of the Empire to its former glory, regardless of how unrealistic this seems at the present.

The Forty Thieves - A large and seemingly indefatigable network of thieves, smugglers, and other criminally inclined citizens, operating in every town and tracing its origin to the early days of the Empire. It's said that in the past, the forty kingpins of forty largest towns used to coordinate the network. Speculation is divided as to the relations and ties of the Forty Thieves of yore and its current incarnation, but the name persists. Details of the leadership and structure of the Forty Thieves are currently unknown.

Commercium - Trade and Merchant Guilds have always existed but in the shadow of the apocalypse wrought by the power of the sword, the power of gold has become a far greater influence in the affairs of state. The Head Merchants have now centralized, controlling all trade. Caravans, tariffs, mines and marketplaces operate by the grace of the Commercium alone. Independent traders in outposts and remote villages still exist, but trading in towns is not without its problems or dangers.

Boatmen of Styx - In the halcyon days of the Empire, the Emperor commanded his own guard. Apart from their regular duties of protection for the Emperor, they were trained as experts in infiltration and assassination. Many political and military opponents would meet with unexplainable misfortune or death in the rapture of night, ensuring the long-standing stability of the Empire. After the fall, without a master to serve, the guard disbanded into the chaos of the fallen empire. Once outside they found that even as the world lay in ruins, their peacekeeping services were in great demand. An Assassin's Order was established that later bore the proud name of the Regiment.

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