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Assassin - When hostilities threaten after even the most erudite diplomats have failed, assassination is often the only recourse. Long respected for their ability to resolve disputes, either by blade in the night or inexplicable misadventure, an assassin's skills are in high demand amongst all strata of society. Blood is blood, whether it's drawn from a petty dispute or a matter of state.

Mercenary - In a world rife with conflict, those with martial skills are never idle for long. Occasionally embroiled in the greater machinations of the Noble Houses, most Mercenaries take on personal contracts with individual clients. Their allegiances are open, determined by gold.

Knight - Always looking for promising individuals to serve the House's interests, Knights have a varied and diverse set of skills. Although most possess some Martial training, patiently waiting for the spoils and glory of bloodshed, others favour the gentler arts of diplomacy, taking a discrete, yet active role in the courts of nobles. As a representative of the House, his conduct and loyalty is under constant scrutiny.

Loremaster - Preserving and understanding pre-war knowledge and technology is a booming business. An increasing number of people see their salvation in the ashes of the past and the market is becoming saturated with icons and objects from the old empire, most without any real value. Loremasters are at the front line of this trade, cataloguing and appraising items, always on the lookout for something of real worth.

Thief - Regardless of the social fabric, there will always be those that prefer to live outside the law, by their own code of conduct. To a thief, a world in ruins is a world of opportunity. While those that covet power are consumed in deceit and subterfuge, the Thieves are turning a tidy profit on their neglected wealth.

Merchant - Respected and feared, behind every Noble's power, behind every struggle for territory, is a merchant's gold. More than mere traders, Merchants manipulate entire markets and those that depend upon them. People, information and favour all have a price, but only the merchants know their true worth.

Grifter - While most thieves prefer to form gangs and act under the cover of darkness, grifters see no reason to trade the laws of society for the laws of a guild. Preying upon the gullible with a combination of personal magnetism and persuasion, the grifter's art is rarely noticed.

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